What we want this week: Winter brights

Blue, brown and grey are safe bets, but sometimes it pays to wear something different. These staples will inject some colour into your winter wardrobe

Finally, it’s acceptable to feel Christmassy. In fact, as I write these very words, there’s a choir trilling away across the street from our office – defying the elements with their fluffy Santa hats and technicolour cagoules – which are more stylish than you might imagine right now, by the way.

It’s a heartwarming sight to say the least, and if you too are experiencing an uplift in mood now December’s arrived, you might be persuaded to break out of winter menswear’s staple colours: navy, brown, charcoal and (occasionally) olive green. True, we’ve written a lot about the move towards tonal style in menswear, but in the depths of winter, there’s also something satisfying about mixing lighter, dare I say more interesting colours together too.

So, this week, we’ve brought you five winter brights that we hope might tickle your fancy, and interest you in channeling just a hint of colour this festive season.

Belstaff Racemaster1. Belstaff waxed cotton Racemaster

A hardy waxed jacket like this is made for wet winter weather, and Belstaff’s Racemaster (a cropped version of the iconic Trailmaster) mixes functionality with a distinctive colour scheme. Although you might more readily associate Belstaff with matte black or racing red cotton drill, this piece’s pale green waxed canvas makes for a different, yet sleek look. And before you raise an eyebrow, bear in mind that a jacket like this is all in the styling – it’ll weather handsomely over time, and paired with sober colours (say, a grey merino rollneck, raw denim jeans and chunky lace-up boots) it’ll look pin-sharp. The plentiful pockets are practical, and the collar and cuffs are lined with black velvet too – for a welcome touch of warmth on even the drabbest of days.

£425, shop now

Howlin' Shetland rollneck2. Howlin’ shetland wool rollneck

Shetland knits have seldom been more fashionable – they’re everywhere this season – and this rollneck from Howlin’ is a smart buy. Pastel pink is an underrated colour; subtle, chic and surprisingly wearable, and the knit’s relaxed silhouette and soft brushed finish help to keep it suitably understated. Wear with a navy blouson or khaki overshirt for a satisfying casual look. Note that like all Howlin’s knitwear this is the real deal – hand-knitted in Scotland for unbeatable results.

£150, shop now

Albam cord utility jacket3. Albam cord utility jacket

If winter brights spook you, remember they’re easily tempered with something darker. Our pink Shetland rollneck would layer perfectly beneath Albam’s navy corduroy utility jacket for example. This piece has made our edit for its subtlety. While the jacket itself is classic; a boxy, two-pocket work jacket with pressed metal buttons, its corduroy cloth adds depth and lustre to the design. It’s just the thing to bring together a casual look, and in navy, it’ll ground any colours you care to pair it with.

£195, shop now

Beams Plus rugby4. Beams Plus rugby jersey

Another staple that’s had a recent renaissance is the rugby shirt. Cult British brands like Kent & Curwen have fostered a recent upswing in its popularity, and now independent Japanese brands are getting in on the act too. Beams Plus has a few punchy designs this season, and if anything is guaranteed to pep you up, it’s a mustard jersey like this. Beams makes all its rugbys from top notch loop-spun jersey, making this a real winter warmer, too. Play up its preppy style credentials and layer over a chambray shirt and underneath a well-cut navy blazer or tweed sports coat.

£122, shop now

Adidas Campus sneakers5. Adidas Campus sneakers

True, Campus sneakers aren’t really news, but this pair in ‘Collegiate green’ are real eye-catchers. New for this autumn/winter season, these offer a different but equally effective way to pep-up your winter wardrobe. Surprisingly wearable, these work brilliantly with dark monochromatic looks. Try them for a confident pop of colour against a charcoal overcoat or dark brown suede bomber.

£85, shop now