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We’re entering the era of the gourmet sandwich

The creators of Pidgin have opened a sandwich shop with a difference

It happened to the burger and the kebab; now we’re entering the era of the gourmet sandwich, and  Sons + Daughters is leading the charge.

‘We really struggled with which word to put in front, because “gourmet” sounds pompous, and “high end” is a bit elitist,’ laughs Sam Herlihy, co-founder of  Sons + Daughters alongside his long-term collaborator James Ramsden. Together, the duo make up Birdman Group, owners of cult favourite Pidgin in Hackney.

Their latest venture might be a departure from the conceptual cooking that got Pidgin its Michelin star, but it’s no less innovative. ‘At Pidgin, we get to play around with lots of new ideas,’ says Herlihy, ‘But [at Sons + Daughters] we want to take relatively classic sandwiches and see how we can make the very best versions of them.’

Herlihy gets very excited when he starts speaking about the menu, which will include six sandwiches served throughout the day, including egg salad with miso mayo and truffle crisps, a merguez frites baguette that he describes as ‘lush’, and a Swaledale chicken sandwich with pickled cucumber and soy-cured parmesan. Then there are the sides: soft-serve ice cream for dessert and an evening cocktail menu with a co-ordinating selection of finger sandwiches.

Perhaps most importantly for the duo, it gives a new option for workers who dine al desko. ‘People try to work nowadays without being chained to their desks,’ observes Herlihy. ‘Facilitating that seems like a kind thing to do.’

Unit 119a, Coal Drops Yard, London N1C 4DQ,

Bring Sons + Daughters to your lunchbox


Miso mayo egg sandwich, 35g mayonnaise, 8g white miso paste, 8ml mirin, 3 eggs, white bloomer bread, coriander, truffle crisps


Combine the mayonnaise, miso paste and mirin, and mix until blended. Boil the eggs for six minutes and leave to cool, before peeling and chopping. Fold all but two tablespoons of the miso mayo into the eggs. Spread one of the reserved tablespoons on each slice of bloomer, and spoon the egg mixture on. Top with cress or coriander and add a thick layer of truffle crisps. Top with the remaining slice of bloomer.