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Looking for something as stylish as it is futureproof? Watchfinder & Co has the models you need to know

Navigating the pre-owned watch market can be a tricky business and a daunting process. Thankfully, leading the way is the omnichannel Watchfinder & Co, which scrupulously checks every watch before it’s sold. The company also offers informative and transparent services, allowing you to ask any question you could possibly have about making a potential purchase. With a 12-month warranty, you also have the option of applying for finance, so your dream watch could be fast-tracked onto your wrist. With that in mind, here are three recently released timepieces that not only look great, but are solid investments for the coming years.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five in stainless steel, 42mm (2017)

The Sixty-Five is Oris’ most popular diver’s watch, and it’s also the most diverse in terms of designs and dial variations compared to the rest of the range. As you might guess from its name, the Sixty-Five is inspired by the watches the horologist produced back in the 1960s – but this model’s zingy aquatic blue and bright yellow face makes it feel completely contemporary. The numerals are enlarged so to help them be legible underwater (it’s water resistant up to 100m) and it comes on a sporty rubber strap – however, it would look great on a NATO strap, too. Under the hood you’ll find an in-house movement which has always been highly thought of by watch connoisseurs – a rarity for this sort of price point that will mean this model will stand the test of time.

£1,250, at

Tudor Heritage Black Bay in stainless steel, 41mm (2018)

Tudor’s much-loved Heritage line was introduced in 2010 in a bid to celebrate its historic diver’s watches from its Mid-Century heyday. Since then, the line and its hero watch, the Heritage Black Bay, have become a firm favourite among collectors and fans, and is instantly recognisable by the large crown, bi-directional coloured bezel, and snowflake hands. From a collector’s point of view, one of the main reasons the Black Bay range is so admired and desired is that over the course of many years of wear, it takes on its own unique character. The burgundy red bezel will develop a beautiful patina that can’t be faked, while the robustness of the steel bracelet and case will bear the scars of your adventures proudly.

£3,450, at

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in stainless steel, 41mm (2017)

In retaliation to the quartz crisis, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak in 1972 – thought to be the first luxury sports watch ever created. It’s design is unquestionably iconic – a word that gets used far too much in watch copy, but is more than justified here. Conceived by the legendary Swiss watchmaker Gerald Genta, the Royal Oak is loved by watch fans for numerous reasons. First, you’ve got the octagonal bezel that’s fixed with hexagonal screws, which was inspired by traditional diving helmets, giving the watch a robust and mechanical, sporty feel. Then, there’s the bracelet, which stands out in the market by being integrated into the case and for its differently sized links. The dial also accentuates the geometric design thanks to its Tapisserie pattern, which takes a total of seven hours for a craftsman to complete by hand.

£27,500, at