Business owner? Here’s why Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow scheme could be the best move you make

Applications for the mentorship scheme are now open – and we'd encourage you to apply

Britain isn’t short of luxury brands. But the great thing about the industry is that there’s always room for cool, innovative new companies offering something different. That’s why Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow initiative is such a good idea. Every year Walpole, an organisation that promotes, protects and develops British luxury on a global scale, selects 12 entrepreneurial companies to take part in their Brands of Tomorrow scheme, which offers a programme of workshops, mentorship and coaching to those lucky enough to be picked. And with applications now open for next year’s cohort, it could be your business’s chance to shine.

Walpole are looking for brands driving innovation in luxury

So what exactly are they searching for? Walpole are looking for brands with a turnover of over £200,000 and under £5 million with scope to pioneer growth, export goods and services, create employment and drive innovation in the luxury industry in the decades to come. They must also be a UK registered company, no older than 10 years and demonstrate the highest standards of quality, design and craftsmanship, together with an aspiration to develop into full Walpole members. Entrepreneurial management style and openness to investment are a bonus. 

Since it was founded in 2007, Brands of Tomorrow has nurtured over 90 emerging companies, and seen them become leaders in the field of luxury, both in Britain and all over the world. Notable alumni of the scheme include luxury names such as the British watch brands Bremont, swimwear designer Orlebar Brown and menswear company Private White V.C. So you’d be among great company. 

As we announced earlier this year, The Jackal is proud to be part of the 2018 contingent of the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow scheme. Other companies in our group include the premium sportswear brand Castore, tailor Kathryn Sargent and luxe loungewear designers Hamilton & Hare, all of whom are doing exciting things in the luxury space. So the only question remains – could it be your turn next?

Applications for the scheme are now open, and you can apply here.