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Why you need to check out the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow 2019

If you're looking for a cross-section of the coolest homegrown brands in Britain right now, look no further...

If you’re a regular reader of The Jackal, you’ll know that we’re big fans new homegrown brands – finding and championing the new players in the luxury industry who are making the sort of goods we can’t wait to add to our wardrobes, kitchen drawers, driveways, and cocktail cabinets. This is why we always pay attention to the companies who are announced each year as Brands of Tomorrow by Walpole, an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the British luxury industry. Being selected as one of these brands is not only validation that you’re ‘one to watch’ on the luxury scene, but also gives you access to workshops, talks and the sort of money-can’t-buy-mentors guaranteed to set you up properly in an ever-more-crowded market (this year that includes former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, managing director Toby Bateman and Harrods managing director Michael Ward).

And we should know. The Jackal was named a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow in 2018, and benefitted from the very same mentoring and workshops – so, as you can imagine, it’s a programme that’s close to our hearts.

If you want to know which brands will be shaking up the British luxury landscape over the coming year, take a look at the full shortlist of the twelve companies selected for Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow 2019 below – and a little more about the six you need to check out immediately.

Desmond & Dempsey

We’re big fans of Desmond & Dempsey’s vibrant hand-painted prints, high quality cotton and wear-everywhere designs. Intended as sleepwear (but seriously, you can and should wear them everywhere) it just shouts lazy Sundays and weekends in the sun. A feel good brand, if ever there was one.

Savernake Knives

Fusing heritage craftsmanship with aerospace engineering, Savernake Knives brings a new level of quality and thought to its products. The knives, which range from customisable blades to bespoke styles made on request, are sought after by everyone from professional chefs to amateur cooks.


Here at The Jackal we know a good watch when we see one. So when Farer came across our radar a couple of years ago, we were sold. British designed and Swiss made, Farer is inspired by classic watchmaking, and has made bold colour, intricate detailing and hand-crafted bespoke parts its calling card.

London Sock Company

From the quality of its designs and craftsmanship, to its ethos of giving back, the London Sock Company is challenging how we see socks for good. Striking designs and a bold use of colour and pattern are its signature, while its innovative Sock Club subscription service is a total game changer.

The Restory

The antithesis to throwaway fashion, The Restory was created to allow people to give their leather goods another lease of life. Staffed by a small team of artisans, The Restory transforms well-worn bags and shoes with their expert hands, cleaning, restoring and remaking where necessary, so your much-loved piece is as good as new.

Conker Spirit

In this day and age gin distilleries are 10 a penny. But Conker Spirit is that bit different. Founded by Rupert Holloway in 2014, the Dorset-based company is dedicated to creating exciting new products. It started with its signature Dorset Dry Gin, a reimagining of the classic London Dry Gin with added Dorset elderberries, samphire and gorse flowers handpicked on the Dorset coast. Next came its Port Barrel Gin, rested in used port barrels from Portugal, before its innovative Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, made with the finest Brazilian cold brew coffee, demerara sugar and its own British wheat spirit.

The rest of the impressive list include shoe designer Jennifer Chamandi, lingerie specialists Luna Mae London, scarf designer Sabina Savage, travel goods company Stow, knitwear designer Wyse London and womenswear designer Anna Mason.