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Meet Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow 2018

The guardian of British luxury is championing 12 young brands this year. We introduced six yesterday, here are the others

We revealed yesterday that The Jackal’s been chosen as one of this year’s Walpole Brands of Tomorrow, an accolade that we were both chuffed with and humbled by, not least because we’re in very fine company.

Walpole chooses 12 Brands of Tomorrow each year, and you can swot up on five of our co-brands here. The remaining six are below, keep these on your radar for the year ahead – each is doing something special.

JJ Cory, Walpole 2018J.J. Corry

J.J. Corry’s an Irish whiskey brand like no other. Newly established, it’s set on reviving the art of whiskey bonding. A practice dating to the 19th century, bonders used to source whiskey from third party distilleries, mature it to their own specifications and then blend different spirits to create unique small-batch whiskies. It died-out when the industry collapsed in the early 20th century, but The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Co. is working to restore the craft to its former glory. The name is taken from one of Ireland’s original bonders, Mr J.J. Corry and its first expression is out now. 7,500 bottles have been produced, so be sure to try it sooner rather than later. 

Malle London, WalpoleMalle London

Malle London has a distinctive heritage. It specialises in creating luxurious leather goods and menswear staples for motorcyclists, drivers and adventurers. Designed jointly by Robert Nightingale and Jonathan Cazzola, the pair create pieces that blend enhanced functionality with contemporary design flair. The name comes from the French word for ‘tool chest’ or ‘travelling trunk’ and although Malle makes products with motoring in mind, they’re suited to the needs of the seasoned traveller at large. Every Malle London bag is waterproof, hardwearing and durable. Well worth exploring if you’re after sophisticated luggage that will only improve with age.

Walpole brands of tomorrowMethod

Method, put simply, makes some of the most refined handmade furniture and objet d’art we’ve seen. A boutique creative production house, the company’s worked with some of the biggest names in European luxury, crafting bespoke pieces for Vacheron Constantin, Burberry, Fortnum & Mason and Bentley, among others. If you’re looking to ogle at some truly stunning furnishings and interiors – or commission a new bespoke bookcase, bar or bench – Method should be your port of call.

Rae Father, Walpole brands of tomorrowRae Feather

Rae Feather’s a womenswear brand with a simple aim: to inject a sense of fun into simple, chic accessories. Known primarily for its woven leather baskets and clutches, it offers bespoke monogrammed initials on all its products – hand painted by a team of in-house artists. Luxury cashmere scarves and a shoe collaboration with Apiedi complete the Rae Feather repertoire and are ideal for gifting. Next time your girlfriend’s due a summery treat, you know where to go.

Votary, brands of tomorrowVotary

A new British skincare brand, Votary creates all its products from intelligently sourced natural ingredients. The Company’s founder, Arabella Preston, is a make-up artist who holds fast to the belief that for skincare products to work, they must be packed with concentrated, natural ingredients. Consequently, all Votary’s formulas are free from out mineral oils, petro-chemicals and unnecessary preservatives. Indulgent products that get results is the name of the game, and Arabella and her team have got this down to a fine art.

Asceno, Walpole Brands of TomorrowASCENO

Another one for your girlfriends, chaps. ASCENO makes chic silk sleepwear, loungewear and swimwear from impeccable materials, using the best manufacturing techniques around. The brand was founded in 2013 by Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Leask, and draws inspiration from the laid-back tomboy spirit of the early ‘90s. Think slinky pyjamas designed with cool stripes, vibrant prints and quirky splashes of colour. Keep it in the back of your mind. You’ll thank us the next time a serious make-up present’s on the cards.