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The Jackal becomes a Walpole 2018 Brand of Tomorrow

British luxury’s protector has announced its Brands of Tomorrow, and we're thrilled to be one of them

Exciting news: last week The Jackal was announced as a Brand of Tomorrow by Walpole, the leading non-profit organisation that promotes, protects and develops talent within the British luxury industry.

At an event held at Fortnum & Mason on Thursday of last week, The Jackal was named one of Walpole’s 12 Brands of Tomorrow 2018, alongside other young brands like Castore, LONB, Kathryn Sargent, FlowerBx and Hamilton & Hare, among others. The Jackal is the second media brand to be chosen as a brand of tomorrow – the other being Business of Fashion in 2013.

‘We only launched in March last year, and so we’re very proud to have been selected as one of Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow so early in our development,’ said our Editor-in-Chief, Robin Swithinbank. ‘It’s a big moment for us but also for smart-dressing, smart-thinking, smart-living men – we made The Jackal for guys we want to spend time with, and want to be like ourselves. Walpole, an industry bellwether, has given us its seal of approval.’

Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow initiative was founded in 2007 to help growing names in British luxury fulfil their potential. Each year, the organisation selects 12 entrepreneurial brands to take part in the scheme, which sees the chosen few take part in a programme that provides mentorship and coaching.

As you’d expect, The Jackal is in good company this year. Here are five other companies that should be on your radar in the coming months.

Castore brand of tomorrow WalpoleCastore

The UK’s first premium sportswear brand, Castore was founded by brothers and ex-professional athletes Phil and Tom Beahon. The pair work with specialist technical fabrics (including a patented carbon-mesh material) to create kit that enhances a sportsman’s capabilities – elevating performance is at the root of everything they do. Castore also supports some of Britain’s most talented young athletes, who play a key role in product development by pushing garments to their limits during testing. This, combined with rigorous scientific analysis, allows Castore to deliver superior sportswear for athletes in search of an alternative to the usual high street fitness brands.

LONB brand of tomorrow WalpoleLONB

Launched in April 2017 by Melissa Morris and Reinhard Mieck, LONB makes timeless leather goods inspired by the lost art of travelling in style. Created for lives in motion, the collection is crafted in Italy from the finest French and Italian leathers, using rare, artisanal workshops that pay great attention to the finer details. LONB’s bags are intended to be both beautiful and practical, and are carefully designed with the wearer’s every need in mind.

Kathryn Sargent brand of tomorrow WalpoleKathryn Sargent

The first female headcutter at a Savile Row tailoring house, and the first female master tailor to have a seasonal store on Savile Row, Kathryn Sargent has made a significant impact on the realm of sartorial menswear. It’s no surprise then that her eponymous company, which was founded in 2012, should be named a Brand of Tomorrow. Infusing quintessential British style with a fresh contemporary vision of what a bespoke service should be, Sargent specialises in handcrafting classic tailoring, as well as innovative contemporary creations. She also maintains the rare art of cutting traditional formal garments including uniforms and dresswear.

FlowerBx brand of tomorrow WalpoleFlowerBx

Launched in 2015 by Whitney Bromberg Hawkings and Adam Wilkie, FlowerBx is a digital game-changer. An online flower delivery service, it’s changing the way we order flowers, for good. It works by sourcing the freshest flowers direct from growers in Holland, and delivering them directly to your front door, with the middle men cut out. The result is flowers that are as fresh, elegant and chic as can be – all at an accessible price.

Hamilton and Hare brand of tomorrow WalpoleHamilton & Hare

Hamilton & Hare was founded in 2012 with the ambition of giving men’s underwear and loungewear the respect it deserves. Looking to elevate men’s undies from purely functional garments to a discreet luxury, they believe that underwear should receive the same attention to detail as your outerwear. This means an uncompromising focus on fit, fabrics and innovative design. It also means that they think about how their products look in the mirror, as well as how they make you feel. An essential for anything you put on your body, we think.