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Why you should visit Harrods Roastery and Bake Hall this week

The department store's world famous food halls are undergoing a transformation that you won't want to miss

Several years ago a very well to-do friend of mine gave me and a mate a ride to a country retreat, and brought the poshest car snacks I’ve ever had. Forget Haribo Tangfastics – he’d been to Harrods and bought pastries from the food hall. That was a time when Harrods was the place you went if you were a tourist looking for bling or just quite posh.

But the department store is undergoing an overhaul, and the newest addition to the food halls, which opened last week, is a revelation. Gone is the mezzanine cafe that took up lots of space and in its place is an in-house bakery, an in-house roastery, and a tea tailor who’ll make up a loose leaf blend to your personal tastes and log the recipe for posterity.

In short, it’s the kind of place anyone who cares about food and provenance would be happy to shop, regardless of social standing. The old tile work on the walls has been revealed and restored making it quite a splendid space to perch on a bar stool and sip a house blend coffee or a cocktail.

The bakery serves fresh breads of all kinds every 15 minutes until 10pm, with a large bell being rung every time something new comes out of the oven, and for the sweet-toothed the patisserie counter features delicate creations, novel takes on eclairs, oversized millefeuille, and lemon meringue tarts, as well as sweet treats from Young British Foodie award winner Fraise Sauvage.