Tom Dixon gets into bed with Ikea

Tom Dixon's bed for Ikea brings fresh new, 'hackable' ideas to the design table

It started with Tom Dixon’s pitch to Ikea to make a cot and a coffin. After that was rejected by the Swedish flat pack furniture retailer – they deemed it ‘inappropriate’ – the designer came back with a fresh idea: sleep. After all, along with birth and death, it’s humankind’s greatest leveller – wherever we are, whatever we do, we all need somewhere to recharge. And so ‘Delaktig’ was born, a capsule collection created in collaboration between two design giants. Its first iteration launched last year with a sofa, and now it’s back and all about the bed.

‘I’m fascinated by the bed as a kind of primary unit that everybody needs,’ says Dixon, who made his name in the Eighties with the ‘S’ chair for Italian furniture designers Cappellini, and these days is instantly recognisable now for his ‘Melt’ pendant lights and slick copper kitchenware. ‘We spend more time in contact with our beds than any other piece of furniture, so why not make it do more?’

Delaktig is the Swedish word for ‘involvement’, and encapsulates what the collection is all about. It features a number of ‘hacks’ that can be bolted, slotted or clamped onto the bed’s aluminium frame, which is made out of 50 per cent recycled metal. You can go slick with a sexy black fibreboard headboard and matching side tables, or more earthy with the woven rattan version. There’s also a lamp that can be attached wherever you like to the bed frame, opening up a raft of possibilities for customisation. As well as the bed, Dixon has also created new covers for the original Delaktig seating modules from part one of the collection, available now in on-trend dusky pink, soft beige and stone grey.

Whether intentional or not, the collaboration is a clever step for Ikea, which already possesses a dedicated horde of ‘hackers’ across the world who customise, repurpose and reimagine Ikea furniture for their own unique needs – the hashtag #IkeaHacks on Instagram has 45,000 posts on it alone. By owning the ‘hack’, they’re tapping into the current thirst for DIY takes on their ubiquitous designs; after all, everyone already owns a Billy bookcase. 

Above all, the collection recognises that, as much as everyone needs a bed, no-one wants exactly the same bed – and, as everyone’s lives, tastes and needs are different, this should be accommodated. Of course, the greatest bonus is having this designed for you by Dixon. And at least you get to wake up again in this version of his idea. 

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