Three interior design trends to work into your home

Architectural studio Echlin talks us through this year’s key interior design trends

Like all good design, interiors trends come and go in a cyclical manner, reflecting the changing moods and interests of the wider world, much like fashion. Curious to know what we should be doing with our front rooms this summer, we enlisted the help of independent architectural design studio Echlin in decoding the top three interior design trends of 2018. Rather than de rigueur colours or patterns, Echlin focuses on timeless design that looks at trends in a deeper level. They believe this is about reflecting today’s growing interest in ethical shopping, investing in superior materials, and in reimagining classic design elements – evidence that good design is more than just decorative.

With this in mind, here are three design pointers to apply to your own home, inspired by Echlin’s recent design project in Fitzrovia, a penthouse in the Rathbone Square development by Great Portland Estates with MAKE architects. Plus, The Jackal’s recommendations on where to find some timely interior design lifts.

1. Shop local

Provenance is central to Echlin’s design ethos, as well as being big news in the interior design world at the moment. Knowing where your furniture, furnishings and artwork comes from has never been more fashionable – or made more sense. After all, shopping locally makes is great move for a whole host of reasons. Not only are you supporting your local community, buying into something independent and ethically produced, but the reduced transportation impact of locally-made furniture is significantly kinder to the environment, too.

The Jackal recommends…

Echlin offers bespoke beds and sofas that are handmade in Britain and available to order, while Helen Yardley creates rugs and tapestries from her studio in Bermondsey.  

2. Choose handmade

Investing in craftsmanship is another facet of Echlin attitude to interior design, which mirrors a growing wider interest in traditional skills and handmade objects. Whether this comes in the form of hand-stitched leather seating in your lounge, or hand-thrown ceramics in your kitchen, the key thing here is craft. With craftsmanship there’s always a story, a sense of heritage and a human connection: a transfer of passion and talent from one person to another. Choosing handmade pieces also goes hand-in-hand with shopping locally; opting for furnishings from local craftspeople will always be more satisfying than ordering something anonymous made overseas.

The Jackal recommends…

Designer John Julian’s ceramics are all made by hand in his studio in Salisbury, while Blenheim Forge hand-forges stunning steel kitchen knives in Peckham.

3. Opt for classics, reimagined

While vintage design features have been a dominant element in interior design for several years now, Echlin’s approach of reinterpreting classic designs has started to catch on, leading the industry away from chintzy florals and battered leather sofas. In your own home this could mean opting for a contemporary take on a mid-century sofa or coffee table, or an updated rendering of some iconic glassware. The appeal here is the balance between timeless, yet unashamedly modern design elements. After all, the classics are just that for a reason – they’re stylish all-rounders, guaranteed to stand the test of time. You’re just putting a fresh, modern spin on them.

The Jackal recommends…

Richard Brendon recreates traditional cut-glass and crystal decanters, jugs and glasses for the 21st century, while Juan Junca is inspired by mid century classics to create his flowing, minimalist designs.

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