Thomas Clipper just got into leather

Having started out as one of the coolest British razor-makers, Thomas Clipper has grown into a fully formed men's brand with the launch of its sleek new leather goods line

Here at The Jackal, we’re always keen to champion the best British brands – homegrown companies that not only make excellent products, but who also take things like design, sustainability and craftsmanship seriously. However, what’s even more satisfying is when we see those companies grow from start-ups into full-on success stories. Thomas Clipper is one of these brands.

Founded back in 2014 by friends Antonio Weiss and Matt Brown (both with backgrounds in the world of advertising), Thomas Clipper started out making razors with sleek, modern handles designed in London by Brown’s wife, Zena. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company soon expanded its offering into shaving accoutrements (blades, shave oil, flannels) and then fragrance, winning a coveted selling space on Fortnum & Mason’s men’s floor along the way. Now, the brand is busting out of your grooming cabinet with a fully realised leather accessories line.

Designed in London and handmade in Italy from beautiful black European full-grain leather (sourced and sustainably vegetable-tanned by Italian craftspeople), Thomas Clipper’s leather goods offering comprises almost every item a man could need on his travels: from a passport holder and wallet up to a wash kit in a variety of tans and, what we think is the standout of the collection, a luxurious all-leather weekender.

In short, if you can stretch to one of each you’ll have everything you need for a successful journey – just like the brand itself really.

See all the items in the collection below. Available at