The Standard London is no ordinary hotel

New York's most playful hotspot has arrived in London

With outposts in Miami, LA and New York, The Standard Hotel has become known for its late-night parties and cool clientele. Now America’s most playful hotspot has arrived in London. Housed in a Brutalist former office block opposite St Pancras, this extraordinary new hotel is an explosion of Seventies design and decadence. Here, we bring you the hedonistic highlights. Party on.

Top floor


The Boom Boom Room on top of The Standard New York has become famous for its wild atmosphere. Here in London, The Standard has been extended upwards to create a similar hotspot; a breathtaking vaulted venue with space for DJs and dancing into the early hours as the city skyline twinkles beyond floor-to-ceiling windows (opens autumn 2019).


Helmed by chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias (the man behind Bristol’s Michelin-starred Casamia), the menu of the as-yet-unnamed restaurant on the 10th floor is being kept a secret until it opens in late autumn. However, we can tell you the decor is incredible; a bold Seventies vibe with an open fireplace, rattan ceiling tiles and undulating wood detailing crafted by shipbuilders.

Pill lift

Apart from the two new storeys atop the building, the biggest change to the exterior is the addition of a bright red pill lift. Boarded via a dedicated entrance on the Euston Road, this is your Willy Wonka-esque express route up to the 10th-floor pleasure palace.

Floors 8 & 9

Suite rooms

If you want to combine a stay with a small soirée, book into one of the plush suites. Each has unique design touches – one even has a bed that can be folded into the wall to maximise party space.

Terrace rooms

Private outdoor space is a rarity in the capital. That’s why we’re so excited about the bedrooms on the 8th floor, which all come with a private terrace (above) and many with an outdoor bath overlooking the city.

Floors 1-7

Single rooms

Missed the last Eurostar? The Standard’s pod-like single rooms are for you. With raised beds, a large oval window and curved fixtures, they’re perfect for decompressing after a stressful travel mishap.

Internal rooms

A windowless room might seem odd, but we suggest you give one a try. Large and fitted with intelligent, ambient lighting and extra soundproofing, these are superb for those who don’t want to be disturbed.

Ground Floor


Originally opened as an extension to Camden Town Hall in 1978, the hotel’s lobby lounge is filled with era-appropriate chairs and Seventies bookcases filled with tomes hand-picked by the in-house librarian. There’s also a recording studio.


Chef Adam Rawson is bringing Britain’s coastline to London with a menu divided into sea, land and soil (fish, vegetables and natural wine feature heavily). A fermentation bar anchors the space and a terrace allows guests to cool off on hot summer nights.

Double Standard 

Also spearheaded by Adam Rawson, the ground floor’s second sustenance space (above) combines the best of American dive bars and British pubs. The menu is comforting (scotch eggs, mac ’n’ cheese, apple crumble) and you’ll find the hotel’s own lager on tap. Cheers to that.

The Standard London, 10 Argyle Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 8EG,