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We’ve just launched our first podcast series

The Jackal Live is The Jackal's new podcast - your bi-monthly audio update from the men and women improving life in the capital

If you’re looking for some aural entertainment on your commute home, we’ve got good news: today sees the launch of The Jackal Live, a new podcast from The Jackal which brings you a bi-monthly audio update from the magazine. The Jackal Live, available on Apple Podcasts, brings you interviews about men’s style, culture, career and life in London in a commute-friendly format, going more in-depth into the issues we are covering in the latest issue.

For our launch series, we have six podcasts with The Citymakers – our selection of men and women from the magazine whose work is improving life in the capital for all of us over the coming year. They include Ben Hunte, the BBC’s first LGBT correspondent, Richard Riakpohre, the boxer fighting knife crime, and Camille Walala, the installation artist making our streets brighter.

Over the coming months, The Jackal Live will give you insider access to the people you’ll see in the magazine, so subscribe today to be alerted to new episodes first.

The Jackal Live is available now on Apple Podcasts