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The future is here

Editor Nick Carvell introduces The Jackal's April/May 2019 issue, as well as the magazine's new podcast series, The Jackal Live

It’s hard to describe the rush I get when I see people reading The Jackal on the Tube or in the Eurostar terminal. Knowing you’ve crafted something for people to enjoy is why editors do what they do. However, there is a downside – what you write gets frozen in time.

When we started planning this issue two months ago, it was impossible to know what would be happening with Brexit. As we land on newsstands, there’s still plenty that our politicians need to sort moving forward.

What the future holds for our relationship with Europe I can’t predict, but what I do know is London will still be packed with people who want to make the city (and the world) a more positive place. That’s why I’m excited to bring you our first annual Citymakers portfolio: a series of interviews with the individuals changing the capital for the better over the coming year, whether that be through public art, imaginative architecture, groundbreaking journalism, sport, or soft-shouldered suiting.

In another first, we’re also using these interviews to launch The Jackal’s new podcast series, The Jackal Live, where you can hear me talking to each of the people featured about their work here in the city, as well as what makes London a great place to live. Head to wherever you get your podcasts from to download all six for your week’s commute – and, um, an extra one for the weekend.

Of course, you’ve probably seen our cover this issue is graced by Richard Madden, whose star got a boost thanks to his role in the rather unexpected TV phenomenon that was Bodyguard. After being the leading man of an international hit show, what’s next? Writer Chris Mandle joined him for a pint and a game of pool at a working men’s club in South London to find out.

Elsewhere in the magazine, you’ll find plenty about how our city is being shaped, and is shaping us: we have Henry Tobias-Jones investigating how the capital increasingly expects us to be both introverts and extroverts at the same time; property journalist Ruth Bloomfield explores the risk of the Help-To-Buy bubble bursting; actor Colin Morgan talks to Amy Wakeham about how he works on his craft as he takes to the Old Vic stage in All My Sons; and in a radically re-vamped front section, you’ll find all you need to know about the best things to do, see, eat and drink in the capital. This is also the new home for our columnists, with Jamie Millar writing about the perils of social media and fatherhood, Matt Dean on why empathy is your strength in the workplace, and introducing our new style expert, Aleks Cvetkovic, who’ll be keeping an eye on (slash tearing down) the big menswear trends.

You’ll also notice the centre of the magazine has had a bit of a refresh. Our new section, Edit, is designed to bring you a curated – and dare we say it, elevated – selection of the coolest items in the capital, from pleasingly pastel summer suede jackets to the zingiest new season scents and the coolest croissant to grab for your mid- afternoon slump.

Whatever happens with the churning news cycle over the coming weeks, hopefully there’s something on the following pages to give you hope and a much needed distraction.

Stay strong, people.

Nick Carvell
Editor of The Jackal

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