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‘To Jack’, a film for Jack Heuer

Patrick Dempsey steps behind the camera for the first time to direct a super-stylish film dedicated to TAG Heuer legend Jack Heuer

TAG Heuer’s new Autavia has finally, officially been launched. The story has been eked out since last spring, when TAG Heuer announced the Autavia Cup and asked the general public to vote on the watch’s design, choosing from a roster of models from the Autavia back catalogue. The winner was a piece known as the ‘Jochen Rindt’, named after the only man to win the Formula 1 World Championship posthumously. After teasing TAG Heuer aficionados with a prototype last year, the real thing was unveiled at Baselworld last week.

The new watch is up there with the most stylish watches in TAG Heuer’s collection, and a sharp reminder of the brand’s 1960s racing pedigree. While TAG has updated the design and fitted it with its freshly minted Heuer 02 chronograph calibre, the look is still 1960s racing driver (Rindt died in 1970): steel case, black bezel and the signature black and white ‘panda’ dial with counters at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock (the purist’s preferred layout). It’s available on a number of straps or a bracelet, but The Jackal’s pick is either the black or tan leather. Both strong, the latter the more informal.

Tag Heuer Autavia, The Jackal

Anyway, much of the reason for highlighting it today is to take a moment to look over the first part of a short film that’s just been released and stars and is directed by Patrick Dempsey, one of the brand’s ambassadors. Dempsey has called it ‘To Jack’, as in Jack Heuer, the octogenarian design and marketing genius who transformed Heuer (as it was until 1985) from a maker of dashboard clocks and timing instruments into one of the world’s most famous and most desirable wristwatch brands. In the film, Dempsey sports the new Autavia – sports it well, of course.

Here’s the film, a ‘visual poem’, according to Dempsey. It’s suitably stylish, and sees Dempsey driving a red (we’re told – the film’s mono) MG, chosen because Jack was once given one by his father on becoming the first member of the family to graduate from college. The car was said to have inspired Jack’s love of racing. Judging by the film’s ending, there’s more to come… Watch the film, and then check out the watch in more detail on TAG Heuer’s website.