The science behind your summer scents

Embrace the warm weather with these top five summer fragrances, featuring hints of indigo, lime, citrus and other seasonal favourites

When I say to you ‘sweet smell of summer’, what springs to mind? The heady mix of scented floral borders? Sun-kissed citrus notes? Fresh, salty sea air? What about perspiration..?

Sadly, thanks to the extended heatwave that (in London at least), is showing no sign of dissipating soon, we’re all perspiring more. This means two things: One, we need some sweet smells of summer more than ever, and two, your skin will react to your normal go-to cologne quite differently. Chances are it will simply disappear the moment you walk out the bathroom.

With this in mind, we’ve selected five luxurious summer scents specifically designed to wear during hot weather. The crisp light citrus notes found in each tend to evaporate quicker through heat, while the heart and base notes linger longer, even after your body temperature cools. There really is an art to mixing luxury fragrance – and this is it.

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1. Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua

It was from the glistening shores of the Amalfi coast that Mr Ford took inspiration for the Mandarino scent. With its rugged cliffs peppered with fresh smelling citrus trees, set against the aqua blue sea, this fragrance captures the Mediterranean perfectly within its striking glass bottle. While the citrus top notes immediately reference a summer’s day in the Med, the scent’s lightness is tempered with the earthier infusion of spearmint, thyme and basil. Masculine and chic, try this spritz when you next need to impress during a dressed-up summer evening out.

£114,  shop now

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2. Burberry Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau De Toilette

The latest addition in the Mr. Burberry line offers a fresh and energetic experience, thanks to its bright citrus and deep woody notes. Created in collaboration with renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdijan, the finely balanced fragrance evokes balmy summer walks along the seafront. Aromatic violet leaf and spearmint oil invigorate notes of lemon and rosemary, while the amber and oak moss give it depth. While this crisp scent is reminiscent of the British coastline, the bottle honours the brand’s iconic navy trench coat, with the weighted cap referencing horn buttons in its design. For a final flourish, a hand-tied knot in English woven gabardine (used in Burberry’s trenches) sits around the bottle’s neck.

£70, shop now

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3. Floris London Limes Eau de Toilette

When it comes to understanding the craft behind mixing natural fragrances, storied British brand Floris leads the pack. The origins of Limes goes back to the 18th century, when it was created by founder Juan Floris to combat the oppressive heat of the city in summer – making it as relevant today as it was over two centuries ago. The lime blossom at the heart of this zesty fragrance is accompanied by petitgrain, while neroli and lily of the valley add floral undertones, held by the musky base. It’s a great fragrance for everyday use, this; its well-balanced citrus notes that never overpower the wearer.

£80, shop now

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4. Creed Virgin Island Water

Even if the current heatwave has you dreaming of reclining under a palm tree with cocktail in hand, the reality is you’re sitting at a desk on a deadline. Luckily, the house of Creed has bottled up the scent of the Caribbean, so you can be whisked away to azure seas and sandy shores even when you’re knee-deep in emails. Olivier and Erwin Creed took an olfactory snapshot of those warm trade winds and clear blue waters to produce this light, zingy summer scent. The heart notes of ylang ylang and Indian jasmine deliver a sweet floral scent that is grounded by a subtle coconut base note, and finished with a punch of crisp Jamaican lime juice. Look no further for an evocative scent that takes you right to the Caribbean.

£155, shop now

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5. Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Eau De Toilette

Evoking a time, a place or a much-loved memory is what luxury fragrances do best and French fragrance house Diptyque is a passed master in doing just that. The origins of L’Ombre Dans L’Eau are a happy accident. The scent came into being when a friend of the founders noticed she had combined the smell of roses and blackcurrant berries on her hands. The result was unusual, but strangely addictive, so Diptyque set about capturing it in one of its infamous black and white bottles. Created back in 1983, it was one of the brand’s first fruity/floral combinations, and continues to be one of its bestsellers. One spritz of this and you can see why: it’ll transport you to a verdant summer garden.

£70, shop now