How to fix your feet for sandal season

Beware baring hobbit feet this summer

It’s not the first time I’ve written here on my slight phobia of wearing sandals in the summer – in part, due to an unfortunate incident some years ago running to catch a flight, when said sandals promptly snapped under the strain. The other part of my loathing for sandal wearing is making sure my feet look good enough for public viewing. And it’s not just my own feet I get paranoid about; it’s other men’s feet. Most Londoners’ feet are happily cosseted in a pair of socks for 10 months of the year, so unsurprisingly they get little attention. Hopping on and off the hot and grimy Underground, pedalling bikes, and jumping off buses with your white hairy toes wiggling back at you like a family of albino mice, can never be a good look.

Exposing your feet so freely can have them ending up looking a grubby mess as you pick out bits of London’s finest detritus from between your toes. So this summer, be wise and get your feet looking their best before revealing them to the world.

First, a little cheap and easy preparation at home. Prepare a shallow bowl of warm water and add a couple of large spoons of sea salt and a generous glug of olive oil. Massage your feet with a cotton flannel for 10 minutes. Don’t rinse but pat dry with a clean hand towel. The resulting pair of well-exfoliated baby-soft feet is quite satisfying.

Staring down at your twitching pallid tootsies and cracked heels is enough to put anyone off their morning coffee, so heed this advice and get investing in some of these foot-friendly products. It will be worth that extra leg work when its time to get your feet out this summer.

Hydréa London curved wooden foot file

foot care

For more professionally prepared treatments, add the Hydrea London’s curved wooden foot file with ceramic micro crystals to your grooming arsenal. Work on the foot and heel to help slough off dry, flaky skin. Repeat this at least twice a week or after a bath.


BeautyPro Foot Therapy collagen-infused bootie

foot care

Badly cracked and dry heels are the most common signs of neglected feet, so kick start the hydration process and apply a foot mask such as the BeautyPro Foot Therapy collagen-infused bootie. The combination of the marine collagen and cooling peppermint nourishes and deeply moistures the feet. They look pretty funny on, as most masks do, but the results are worth the tittering after it’s got to work on your feet for 20 minutes.


Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream

One of the best ingredients to look for on the market for maximum hydration is emu oil. Margaret Dabbs London has created a Foot Hygiene Cream, which is effective and quick acting, with the emu oil promoting skin renewal and deep hydration. This formulation helps eradicate symptoms of sore, scaly, dry and cracked skin. Used daily it also helps clear up fungal skin conditions.


Aveda Foot Relief Moisturising Creme

Just because your feet are exposed in the summer doesn’t make them less odourless or sweaty either. Aveda’s Foot Relief Moisturising Creme, with its exfoliating fruit acids, jojoba and castor oil, softens and smoothes feet. The peppermint and tea tree oils cool and invigorate the feet, working as a natural antiseptic, while the lavender and rosemary oils help deodorise them.