Suitsupply introduces the world’s lightest, most summer-friendly suit

If you’re not a fan of linen but still want to stay cool at all those summer weddings this year then this could be your saving grace

When the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said ‘less is more’, we like to think he was giving advice about choosing a summer suit. Traditional two-pieces with shoulder pads and silk linings can end up weighing over a kilo – not ideal for the kind of heatwave humidity we’re currently experiencing. In summer, it’s a case of the lighter, and more unlined, the better – and that’s where SuitSupply comes in. The Dutch tailoring house has just added a new edition of its Havana suit to its ouvre which comes in at a mere 525g – a weight they claim makes it the world’s lightest (and thus most summer-appropriate) off-the-peg suit.

It manages this by taking away the sort of lining and padding you’d usually find in a ready-to-wear suit, and combines this with cutting the garment from a wool-silk blend fabric for added breathability.

However, just because the suit is unstructured, doesn’t mean it lacks shape. To make sure it still gives you a strong silhouette, Suitsupply has added a few notable details to the jacket: a nipped waist to enhance the ‘V’ of your torso, and a gathered Neapolitan-style shoulder to boost the your broadness without adding unnecessary weight.

Style it with a stiff-collared shirt and tie for work or a T-shirt and a pair of sandals on your downtime – either way, choosing the right pair of shades to go with will be the biggest thing you’ll sweat.

Havana navy suit, £699,