Ever wanted to be a fighter pilot? Now’s your chance, win a Spitfire flight with Bremont

Words by
Aleks Cvetkovic

When I was growing up, like most British school boys, I had a thing for old war films. Whether Alec Guinness calmly recounting that ‘officers won’t work’ in Bridge on the River Kwai, or Steve McQueen vaulting the barbed wire in The Great Escape, there’s an ennobling sense of nostalgia attached to these films that makes them totally captivating, regardless of their age. In fact, I can’t remember a single turkey-stuffed Christmas afternoon when an old war film didn’t end up on the box.

One movie used to capture my imagination more than any other, Battle of Britain. What naive young boy doesn’t want to be a fighter pilot after all? It’s a marvellous, albeit romanticised, portrayal of the RAF at a time when ‘in our darkest hour,’ feats of bravery from the country’s pilots saved a nation from invasion against the odds.

Nowadays, the subject matter receives far grittier and arguably more appropriate treatment – films like Dunkirk, for example – where Tom Hardy’s reserved, but intense performance hammers home the nerves of steel required to fly into war. Dunkirk couldn’t be a finer feat of movie making if it tried, but even so, it lacks the bravura and wit that Battle of Britain delivers care of Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer and the original Jackal, Edward FoxOf course, they all played Spitfire pilots, flying that most iconic of historic planes, a symbol of plucky British spirit and stiff upper lip.

Now, we’re offering you the chance to win a once in a lifetime flight in an original WWII Spitfire (we promise you it won’t come under fire), in partnership with Bremont and Boultbee Flight Academy.

Keen horological enthusiasts will doubtless know that Bremont is the perfect watchmaker to partner with for such an experience, Bremont has long enjoyed a close relationship with this icon of British aviation. The company launched a collection of beautiful pilot’s watches in 2007 after five years in development, inspired by founders’ Nick and Giles English’s love of historic aircraft, precision timepieces and all things mechanical.

To enter, simply click the link below and fill-in the form on Bremont’s website.

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