Six watch complications every aspiring aficionado should have ticked off

From perpetual calendars to split-seconds chronographs, it’s time to bone up on the detail

Watch jargon, as with any jargon, can be bewildering – if not off-putting. Nobody likes to be made to feel stupid, and it can be intensely irritating to listen to somebody bang on about their double flying tourbillon, without being able to contribute more than an ‘oh, right’. It might of course be that you’re talking to an extremely boring human being, and that the right thing to do is find someone else to talk to. But if you want to deepen your knowledge, some of the basics aren’t that hard to swallow. Here’s a run down of half a dozen of the most celebrated ‘complications’ in watchmaking. (Oh, and if you’re not sure what a complication is, it’s basically any watch function beyond telling the time.)