Breitling’s Navitimer 8, Zegna and Horatio Street Social Club

Plus, Connolly’s new leather goods and the Whitechapel Gallery’s latest exhibition

It’s that time again. Heres your weekly hit of style news, watches, buying advice, booze and culture. Never let it be said we don’t spoil you…

Zegna Javier Bardem, spring 20181. Zegna wants you to live in the moment

Ever since ascending the Zegna throne, creative director Alessandro Sartori has been keen to make one message heard: good clothes are inextricably linked with a sense of comfort, and a sense of fun. Zegna’s collections are built around ‘defining moments’, exploring relaxed interactions between stylish men, and the clothes that make their lives easier – as well as more elegant. For the Spring Summer ’18 season, Zegna’s campaign stars Javier Bardem and Dev Patel, both at home in the new collection’s highlights. We’re particular fans of Bardem’s elephant grey suede ‘shacket’ (they’re a thing this season).

Horatio Street Social Club, Jackal magazine2. We’ve found your new cocktail hangout

Exciting news for lounge lizards; two of the team behind award-winning Shoreditch bar Callooh Callay have decided to do their own thing. Messrs Simon Thompson and Jake O’Brien Murphy have opened a new drinking den called the Horatio Street Social Club with the simple aim of serving top notch cocktails in comfortable surroundings. It’s tucked away in the basement beneath the Nelson’s Head pub in Haggerston and promises a cosy ‘neighbourhood vibe’. Think soft lighting, plush seating and painted brickwork, with a lively playlist jumping away in the background. The drinks list is short, sharp and changes every few weeks, with about 10 cocktails to choose from at any given time. Needless to say, the menu’s excellent and the bar welcoming, too. Curl up in the corner and order a Naïve Melody or a Dirty Faces.

Breitling Navitimer 8 chronograph, Jackal magazine

3. Breitling’s Navitimer 8 collection is a change in step 

It’s all happening at Breitling. Last July it was announced that watch industry heavyweight Georges Kern (the then CEO of IWC) was to take the reins. For the past six months his new regime’s been quietly beavering away to shape Breitling’s ‘legendary future’ and last Friday, its first new watches of 2018 were revealed, to no small amount of plaudits. In fact, the new Navitimer 8 collection is the first indicator that Kern’s set on reconnecting the brand with its past. Pictured is the B01 chronograph, and everything about the watch’s design – from its typefaces to the subtle ‘railway track’ minute markers – is inspired by pieces held in the Breitling archives. Alongside the B01, there’s a Day-Date, Unitimer and an Automatic coming, too. All combine a masculine, restrained look with mid-century design touches and offer something markedly different to last year’s batch of new Breitlings. And, though we can’t say too much here, there’s more like this to come. If you’re into watches, you’ll want to keep an eye on Breitling this year. Available June 2018,

Connolly box 4. This trinket chest is a one-of-a-kind

Every now and then in this job, you come across an object that somehow just feels special. Sometimes it’s a handmade pair of shoes, sometimes it’s a painting, sometimes an antique. Connolly’s glamorous boutique on Clifford Street is stuffed full of such things; couture fashion, one-off accessories and handmade objets d’art. Poke your nose in and you’ll be hard pressed not to fall for some curiosity or other. Now, luxury retail website The Garnered has decided it can’t resist Connolly either, and is stocking a selection of exclusive handmade leather goods, designed by Connolly and handmade in Spain. We love this gold-studded trinket chest, which is great for gifting (Mother’s Day’s coming up, chaps). Just make sure whatever you keep in there is suitably precious. £1,250, shop now

Mark Dion, Whitechapel Gallery5. The Whitechapel Gallery has a question for you

The Whitechapel Gallery’s latest exhibition only opened a few days ago, but it’s already turning heads. Mark Dion is an explorer and artist, who visits some of the most remote regions on the planet. As he goes, he collects curiosities along the way, and makes a point of turning them into installations that explore the strangeness of life on earth. Entitled Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World, the exhibition has curated some of his most surreal works into an immersive experience that brings to life characters that observe, conserve or exploit the natural world around us. Spend an hour wandering through and Dion’s work will have you wondering at the fragility of nature and questioning your place in the world. Tickets are £12.95, until 13 May,