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Should you quit your job?

Thinking of escaping the commute in the New Year? Or wondering whether to get out of the office? The Jackal weighs up the pros and cons of the desk job

Trussle’s Ishaan Malhi wants flexible working

The flexible working movement has led to an explosion in the number of self-employed people. But before you take the leap, it’s worth thinking about how it might affect things, like your ability to get a mortgage. I learned how difficult it can be first-hand as a freelancer, and the struggle was one of the reasons I started online lender Trussle. But don’t let it put you off. Many lenders are becoming more flexible when it comes to offering mortgages to self-employed people, as more understand there’s been a shift in lifestyle and working patterns, which they must accommodate.

Ishaan Malhi, CEO and founder of Trussle

You could also hedge your bets. There’s been a huge rise in people opting for flexible working and a lot of employers are responding by giving staff more freedom when it comes to where they work and when their hours begin and end. At Trussle, we offer a flexible work-from-home policy for those times when it makes sense to get away from the hustle and bustle to focus.

Without a doubt, the move to more flexibility in the way we work is a positive development. Science is telling us more and more about the stark differences from one person to another when it comes to circadian rhythms and how this impacts on productivity and happiness. The more employers realise we’re not all the same, and are willing to adapt within reason, the better chance they have of maximising the potential of their workforce.’

Tandem’s Dan Atkinson champions the nine-to-five

As a technology startup, naturally we embrace new and emerging work practices and patterns. But the reality is some teams need to work fixed hours or to predefined shift schedules to ensure we have the capacity to support our customers through the peaks and troughs of the day. Tandem is a mobile bank with a team of over 200, working to liberate people from financial stress. We’re responsible for their money and we have to make sure that we deliver the level of service customers expect from us. Our priority is making sure everyone is able to effectively contribute to this goal.

Dan Atkinson, Chief People Officer at Tandem

When it comes to working practices and hours, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Flexible and remote working is great where it’s possible, but we believe in a ‘core hours’ way of working. This gives our team the flexibility they need and means we can support the development of a vibrant and connected office ecosystem. We’re a diverse community with many different talents and it’s important people can share ideas and socialise more easily.

The traditional nine-to-five may seem outdated, but this blend of the old and the new lets us develop our culture and build our sense of community. After all, it’s the people that make you love your work, and while there are many great tools that help you nurture this connectedness, nothing can beat regular face-to- face contact.’