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Three smart one-to-one services for time-poor professionals

These solutions are designed to make your life easier when it comes to food, health and style

Today’s obsession with ‘wellness’ is a good thing, but there are times when it can put even the most efficient of professionals under pressure; guilt-tripping you when life gets in the way of your looking and feeling like your best self. Luckily, for smart-thinking men across the capital there are solutions at hand; dedicated one-to-one services to take care of your wardrobe, your diet and your fitness regime. Here are three that’ll make your life a little easier – and a whole lot better.

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1. Farm Drop

Who else struggles with the weekly shop? Foodie or not, what fuels your body is important, and finding the time to search for healthy items can be a hassle to say the least. That’s why Farmdrop is changing the food retail landscape, and unlike your typical food delivery service, it only delivers fresh, local produce, grown using clean energy sources. Known as ‘the ethical grocer,’ Farmdrop offers a range of gourmet staples from multiple sustainable producers, alongside delivering your groceries the very next day. So, forget Sainsbury’s lines and Waitrose treks, this one’s got you covered without leaving your home.

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2. Sculpt

Cross fit, spinning, rowing… the list of possible workouts are endless, but have you seriously thought about what’s best for you? Specialising in bespoke health and fitness regimes, Sculpt offers not only personal training, but also a 360-degree approach to improving your lifestyle. With an all-star team of individual trainers, expert nutritionists and coaches, Sculpt assesses more than just your body when it comes to wellbeing. It also offers provides luxury facilities across the capital, but if you’d rather get your sweat on at home or in Hyde Park, the trainers will come to you, too. Talk about convenience.

One-to-one styling services3. Personal Aesthete

Every once in a while, even the best dressed among us need some styling pointers, which is where Personal Aesthete comes in. This snappy consultancy service aims to assist smart men with limited time in finding an array of intelligently designed and manufactured pieces across all sorts of categories, including fashion, furniture, art and even automobiles. So, instead of tirelessly searching for the perfect sofa, or struggling to update your wardrobe, let Personal Aesthete do it for you. Through its personal style assessment, the service will take time to understand your individual style, while offering solutions that ensure you look and feel your best. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?