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Get set for Pancake Day

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Avoid making a mess in the kitchen: head for one of these five London pancake hot spots, instead

A smoking hot pan, velvety batter, and a flick of the wrist are key to making decent pancakes. But if you’re the kind whose efforts burn or stick to the pan, perhaps you’d do well to let someone else do the making. Whether you’re a lemon and sugar purist, or a fiend for experimental toppings, we’ve got all the bases covered for the big day. All you need to do is get stuck in.

Charitable pancakes

Charitable Pancakes

Giving something up for Lent? Start by giving away some of your money, oh and alright, getting pancakes in return. Foxlow are serving up pancakes three ways – the classic with lemon and sugar, a savoury version with mushroom, cornmeal, a fried egg and bacon dust, and The Elvis, an indulgent ricotta pancake with peanut butter, maple glazed bacon and roasted banana.

All the money from the pancakes they sell on Shrove Tuesday at their Soho and Balham sites will be donated to Magic Breakfast, a charity that helps prevent disadvantaged children going hungry in the classroom. It’s a strong start to the season.

Savoury pancakes

Crispy pancakes

It’s a less than traditional take on Pancake Day, but given it’s Chinese New Year this week too, why not indulge in crispy duck pancakes, one of the nation’s favourite Chinese dishes, and a staple of any Chinese takeaway. Hit up Chinatown and go for Cantonese roast duck at Four Seasons, for Peking duck at New World, or crispy aromatic duck at Plum Valley. Or why not do a crispy duck pancake crawl along Gerrard St and do all three?

Four Seasons, 12 Gerrard St; New World, 1 Gerrard Place; Plum Valley, 20 Gerrard St

Blanchette chocolate pancakes

French Pancakes

Thin, delicate, and every so slightly fancy, crêpes are a sophisticated way to mark Shrove Tuesday, and Blanchette’s Chef Director Tam Storrar will be whipping up fluffy crêpes and galettes for the occasion. Go for a more traditional Bayonne ham, gruyere cheese and egg galette or go off-piste with a Goat’s cheese, sun-dried tomato, rocket and pistou filled one. For the sweet toothed there’s the classic Crêpe Suzette or order the one doused in Chocolate sauce with hazelnut praline and beurre noisette ice cream.

Dirty Bones deep dish pancake

Deep-dish pancakes

If you prefer your pancakes to be hearty rather than flimsy, with heft rather than whimsy, Dirty Bones are taking a concept usually applied to pizza – deep dish – and translating it to the world of pancakes. Their Double Dutch pancake is satisfyingly chubby and topped with fresh clotted cream, blueberries, and a shot of maple syrup.