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London comes alive after the sun goes down

As we made the case for in the first edition of this summer’s The Jackal: Out of Office (Day), London during the daytime is hard to beat. But it’s at night when the city really comes alive. In the next newspaper, out on Wednesday 7 August, we’ve rounded up the very best that London has to offer when the sun goes down.

From all-night raves that finish with the sunrise, to the city’s coolest new party spot, plus the most exciting restaurant to shake up the capital’s food scene this summer, we’ve found unmissable after-dark entertainment to keep you enthralled into the small hours.

The Jackal Out of Office night

Of course, summer in London also often means hot, sticky nights that come as a cruel counterpoint to glorious days. But  our summer night survival guide will have you snoozing away peacefully, complete with space-age cooling pillows, sweat-wicking sleep shorts and noise-drowning earbuds. Alternatively, you can always join in with Emma Hughes‘ insomniac adventures around nighttime London, in which she discovers the best late-night haunts to fill the hours between 12 and six.

On top of that, we’ve gone behind the scenes with the men working overnight at some of London’s best nightlife spots, to discover what really goes on when the sun goes down. London’s club scene is also put under the microscope, with Johanna Derry investigating whether it really is on its last legs, or whether there’s still life on the dance floor yet.

Add to that our columnists tackling after-hours fatherhood, style and career conundrums, as well the best small-hours pick-me-ups, and you’ve got one serious guide to surviving the long summer nights in style.

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