Out of Office

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Everything you need to make the most of London's daylight hours

London in the summer can be a bit of a hot mess. The Central Line turns into a Hades-esque furnace. The grass in Hyde Park turns to straw. Nowhere has air conditioning.

However, summer in London can also be a joy – it’s one of the most exhilarating seasons in our city. Summer brings an explosion of culture and creativity to London’s streets, parks, restaurants and galleries, and the early mornings, endless days and long, light evenings are all the excuse you need to get out and about. And we’ve put together your complete guide to making the most of it all. 

From all-day raves in east London, to south London art installations, for Part One of The Jackal: Out of Office we’ve scoured the length and breadth of the capital to find you all the best things to do during the city’s daylight hours. We’ve discovered the cool names shaking up London’s ice cream scene, the non-alcoholic aperitifs that bring a whole new meaning to daytime drinking, and the best tech to provide the soundtrack to your summer. 

Plus, we’ve got all our usual columnists sharing their thoughts on summer in the city, including Aleks Cvetkovic on whether you can wear shorts to the office, Matthew Jenkin on the politics of emailing on holiday, and Jamie Millar on how to entertain little ones during those long summer days.

The Jackal: Out of Office Part One is all you need to get the most out of these long summer days. Click below for your free download.

And make sure you look out for Part Two, focussing on London at night, which comes out on 7 August 2019.