The shoes you need this summer

Step into August with three 'right now' shoe styles that will see you through whatever circumstance you might find yourself in

In the same vein that your heavy-duty coats and jackets have been stored away for a few months now, so should those equally heavy-duty brogues and boots. So, in walk the replacements: summer-friendly, muck-about-town shoes that appear stylish and considered, but add needed character and won’t break the bank. You really don’t need much during summer, so here’s three for three.

Belgian loafers for everyone

Suddenly a sartorial staple, if there was one style of shoe that’s reached stratospheric heights of popularity in the last few seasons, it’s the Belgian loafer. They’re designed to be unstructured which juxtaposes the relatively formal, almond-shaped last, and coming in a wide-range of suedes and leathers, both your standard calfskin to the exotic kind, there’s something for everyone. Wear them with tailoring, wear them with shorts. There aren’t any rules to follow with them, which is one of the many reasons as to why they’re so great. If anything, they’re certainly a grown-up shoe and it’s time to grow up.

Low-cut canvas sneakers

Of course, I don’t know what your footwear arsenal is like, but I’d wager good money on there being a beaten pair of canvas sneakers lying around somewhere – and, if there isn’t, there should be. Not only are they affordable, and, like the aforementioned Belgian loafer, available in a wide-range of colours and styles, they get better with wear. A beaten pair of canvas sneakers with a vulcanised sole (which means that the rubber is melded with the upper, in this case canvas, to add a layer of defence from water) worn with equally beaten mid-wash denim jeans really is a timeless look. It worked back in the Sixties and it still works now.

Espadrilles get the luxury treatment

While I’ll be behind my desk for the entirety of August, it seems that every would-be holiday-goer I’m coming across is migrating to southern coasts of France and Spain for that needed dose metropolis respite. What style of shoe happens to hail from there? The espadrille, which has of course transcended from its humble roots as a throwaway resort shoe into a canvas for designer brands to get expressive with. Now, we’re seeing premium suedes that are typically used for high-end accessories and outerwear used for the uppers while the overall construction has been elevated. As such, you can now make a statement at the beach with a shoe that’s sole function is to perform in that specific arena. Happy beaching.