New Artist Fair: five up-and-coming artists to invest in

It's your chance to discover the next Tracey Emin

Investing in art is one of the best ways to ensure low risks and high returns for your money. Although you might not have the necessary millions to buy a Banksy, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the art buying game. The New Artist Fair, which arrives at the Old Truman Brewery this September, showcases the artworks of emerging and newly established artists from all over the world, with prices ranging from £50 to £2,000. It’s the perfect place to pick up a steal from a future star of the art world and, as it sells artists’ work directly to buyers – without a gallery working on commission as the middleman – it’s better for artists and buyers alike.

Oliver Norris, co-founder and director of the New Artist Fair, introduced us to the five artists worth checking out at this year’s event.

Meera Palia

Specialising in abstract art, Meera Palia uses acrylic, oil crayons and collage to make her vibrant, compelling works. She likes to experiment with the process of building up and scratching away different layers to reveal those underneath, resulting in art that gradually evolves over time.

Mark Espley

Fine art photographer Mark Espley uses his work to capture the beauty of both the natural and urban worlds, and transpose them into something more abstract, in turn exposing the subjects’ real essence. Whether he uses one photograph or over 100 to create a single image, the resulting art works are rich in colour and life.

Leah Michelle

After studying Renaissance art and architecture at London’s Courtauld Institute, Leah Michelle became a full-time painter, focusing in creating works that combine acrylic and emulsion with spray paint and layers of polyurethane. Recently, she’s used these techniques to create a new series of floral ‘drip’ paintings, which she’ll be exhibiting at the New Artist Fair.

Tom Grove

Painter Tom Grove’s background in automotive design informs his first major body of work, which will be exhibited at the New Artist Festival. The collection focuses around experimenting with the constraints of form and function, and capturing moments that otherwise can’t be visually perceived.

Emily Penfold

A recent graduate from Central St Martins, Emily Penfold examines human fragility and inner energy in her works. Her portfolio so far encompasses original drawings, prints and performance design for the stage. At the New Artist Fair she’ll showcase her skull series, a haunting collection of drawings in graphite, pen and ink that were inspired by a trip to the Killing Fields in Cambodia.