Smart Dressing

Five must-have pieces from Montblanc’s Zaim Kamal

Montblanc's Creative Director talks you through a few of his favourite creations

Words by
Aleks Cvetkovic

‘You can’t fake touch’ says Montblanc’s Creative Director, Zaim Kamal, a man for whom getting up close and personal with a product is paramount to understanding its value – why and how it’s made. Should you be lucky enough to spend a few moments with him, you’ll quickly realise that his appreciation for good design is infectious, as is the sensitivity and intuition that underpins his work.

Kamal has been at the helm of Montblanc for four years, during which time he’s cemented the maison’s reputation as one of Europe’s foremost design houses. Whether it is fine watches, writing instruments, stationery or luxury leather goods each element of Kamal’s collection complements the other, retaining Montblanc’s fascination for quality and for modern, clean aesthetics.

When The Jackal visited the maison’s London 2017 collection preview earlier this week to see what’s in store for the coming months, Kamal picked out five pieces that particularly resonate with him and was kind enough to explain how they articulate his own personal values, and ideals for contemporary design.