L’Estrange has done the impossible… made office-friendly shorts

The London based clothing brand has just brought out its first foray into shorts just in time for the warmer weather

Ask any man who has worn (or attempted to wear) shorts to the office, and he will tell you it’s a tricky business. To do so, you need to be certain of two things. First, that your boss won’t see this as some sort of gross affront to a strict work dress code that forbids the flashing of your leg hair. Second, even if you’re in the most liberal of workspaces, that the shorts are so damn good-looking that they will change any potential raised eye-brows to smirks of respect at your boldness and commitment to cooling off.

That’s where L’Estrange comes in.

A relative newcomer to the London style scene, L’Estrange was founded with the goal of streamlining men’s wardrobes with a selection of straightforward, stylish and totally interchangeable pieces – all of which were designed to help decode the ever-tricky smart-casual dress code. One of the most successful pieces in the collection was the 24 Trouser, with a slimline fit, fabric cut for maximum movement and a stretch waistband.

Now, they’ve taken all those good bits and cut them in half to create the 12 Short (see what they did there?). Available in supremely versatile shades of navy and beige, these shorts are not only one of the most comfortable pieces of tailoring we’ve tried, but also have the kind of sleek, minimal styling silhouette that make them instantly more suited to being dressed up as opposed to down.

Perhaps most importantly, they hit at a mid-thigh length that’s perfect should you wear them into the office — short enough to emphasise those extra leg days you’ve been putting in for the summer, but long enough to feel far more appropriate for the boardroom than the beach. Sure, you might raise an eyebrow or two with the older crowd in the lift, but if it means looking this good — and keeping things a bit breezier than your be-trousered colleagues on a baking summer day — we say it’s worth being a little bolder. After all, that’s the sort of thing bosses look for when promotions are on the table, right?

The 12 Shorts, £95, available at 18 Earlham St, London, WC2H 9LG and