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Exclusive: Matthew Vaughn talks Kingsman and Old Forester bourbon

Watch exclusive footage of Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn discussing his new film and Old Forester, the whiskey of choice to the Statesmen, Kingsman’s American cousins

Words by
Aleks Cvetkovic

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the second instalment of the pulpy secret-agent saga, lands in cinemas this September. Judging by the trailer, the ride will be the same explosive mix of sartorialism and Semtex, another deft exercise in stylish, action-packed entertainment.

It’s not all about British style this time around, though. In The Golden Circle, the Kingsmen join their American counterparts, the Stetson-wearing, bourbon-drinking Statesmen.

Said bourbon is Old Forester, one of America’s oldest Kentucky bourbons, which Kingsman Director Matthew Vaughn describes as the ‘natural choice’ of partner for the movie. In this teaser – which is exclusive to The Jackal – Vaughn talks you through Old Forester, its role in The Golden Circle and why he picked it to be the Statesmen’s tipple of choice.

But who, or what is Old Forester? The Kentucky distiller has surfed the bourbon wave that’s washed over Britain in our post-Mad Men age, the same wave that’s expected to see sales of American whiskey soar by 26 per cent in the UK over the next five years (according to a report compiled by Vinexpo). Old Forester is one of the older guard of American whiskeys, first distilled in 1870. It was the first commercially bottled bourbon in American history and is the only bourbon to be made by the same family pre-, during and post-prohibition.

Marking its role in Kingsman, Old Forester is releasing a new expression called – suitably enough – Old Forester Statesman. The tasting notes say it’ll be rich and complex, and with flavours that run through caramel and leather, with hits of cracked black pepper, orange zest and subtle spicy notes of cinnamon. Sounds good. The brand says its distinctive character comes in-part from the way it’s blended; the whiskey is sourced from hand-selected barrels matured in the warmest parts of the Old Forester warehouse, which lends the finished spirit a particular intensity.

If this teaser-trailer is anything to go by, we can only imagine the Statesmen have more than a little need of a few stiff drinks. To quote Old Forester’s President, Campbell Brown, the brand has ‘a real role to play’ in the narrative of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Libation for tortured souls? We’ll find out later this year when the film’s released on 22 September.

Old Forester Statesman will be available nationwide from September. £45,

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