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Magpie, Breton stripes and Farer’s GMT Automatics

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1. As of today Magpie is serving breakfast

The Jackal Recommends, Magpie London breakfast

When Magpie opened a few months ago, we were tremendously excited. The latest venture from James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy, the dynamic duo behind Hackney’s Michelin-starred Pidgin, Magpie serves a quirky modern menu. Diners select fresh plates straight from a trolley, mirroring traditional dim-sum style service. Now, the restaurant is open for breakfast, with a menu that covers everything from flavoursome granolas to fresh pastries, including a red-eye bun with bacon, coffee and maple syrup. For something a little different, there are fermented potato bagels with hoisin-cured pork belly, or yuzu kosho blueberry oat muffins. Coffee comes from north London based roasters Vagabond and teas from Good & Proper in Clerkenwell. Whatever you choose, Magpie is destined to set you up for the day in its own inimitable style.

2. Naval stripes aren’t just for summer

The Jackal Recommends, Arpenteur breton stripe

No, this isn’t vain attempt to cling-on to the last of summer’s fading rays. Striped crewnecks are here to stay and Arpenteur’s is the real deal. A sophisticated French brand, Arpenteur was founded in 2011 by cousins Marc and Laurent Bourven, who both share a penchant for vintage workwear. Their easy-wearing, comfortable designs are made almost exclusively in Lyons, inspired by the uniforms of mid-century craftsmen and artisans. A chic alternative to a plain white tee, wear this crewneck under a washed chambray shirt with dark jeans and white sneakers for simple off-duty style. £115,

3. You’re soaking in it

The Jackal Recommends, documentary film

So says a new documentary of the same name. On this week at the Bertha DocHouse, You’re Soaking In It is ‘an eye-opening exposé’ of advertising’s pervasive presence in our daily lives. It explores the subliminal impact it has on our buying patterns, social interactions and sense of self. Moreover, director Scott Harper reveals how advertising is evolving with modern technology, monitoring your online browsing, obtaining personal data and building a picture of your psychology. Spooky stuff, but well worth watching. For those who may not have come across it, Bertha is the first documentary cinema in the country, and forms a part of the Curzon Bloomsbury. Screenings all week,

4. Snails are good for your skin

The Jackal Recommends, Immunocologie

I’m not joking. Immunocologie is a skincare brand with an intriguing backstory. It was founded three years ago by Karen Ballou. Following a two year treatment for lymphoma, she became increasingly concerned that the skincare products she was using weren’t doing her much good. Instead, she sought out products that were both effective and chemical-free. The result is this stuff, the Super 7 Elixir Face, a cream made from a combination of healing snail mucin and natural antioxidants to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. The mucin actively encourages the regeneration of skin cells, directly targeting the source of ageing, as opposed to masking it. Unsurprisingly, Mucin’s not easy to source, so it’s not cheap, but it is miraculous. £240, available at Fenwick Bond Street,

5. Farer’s GMT Automatic’s are simply superb

The Jackal Recommends, Farer GMT Automatic watch

Finding compelling affordable watches is a tricky business. Often there’s a trade-off somewhere, whether that’s cheap design or poor quality engineering. Farer bucks the trend. A British brand, it makes its watches in Switzerland, using good quality movements with a focus on smooth, retro design. The brand’s latest collection are the GMT automatics, which reflect its affinity for watches suited to travel or ‘wayfaring’. This model is the Ponting, a slick design with a 39.5mm steel case, solid bronze crown and silver sunray dial. The navy numerals are over-printed 14 times to achieve a rich depth of colour and it houses a 21 jewel ETA 2893-2 ‘top grade’ Swiss movement. The design feels very Mad Men, but with substance to back-up the style. Highly recommended. £1,175,