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How to sleep in the heat

Beat the heat in bed

Hot, sticky nights got you tossing and turning into the early hours? Relax. From noise-cancelling earphones to a temperature regulating pillow, here’s everything you need for getting to sleep in the heat.

New & Lingwood nightshirt

Can’t bring yourself to sleep in the buff? A cotton nightshirt is a breezy overnight alternative and a seriously louche move for the morning after.


Dyson Pure ‘Cool Me’ fan

Trying to sleep in the heat is an exercise in futility. This fan purifies and cools the air, and has a built-in sleep timer.


Niche Tea ‘Sleep’

Blended by hand in the UK, this ‘Sleep’ brew is crafted from a mix of stress-beating lemon balm, soothing chamomile and soporific lavender.


Sleep by Max Richter

A seamless eight-hour composition, Max Richter’s Sleep mimics the body’s slumber cycles. The trick is staying awake to listen to it all.

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Simba Hybrid pillow

This pillow uses space-age temperature-regulating tech to keep you cool, along with a mesh border for maximum air flow while you sleep.


Bose Sleepbuds

These earphones fit snugly in your ear to counter background noise and come pre-loaded with soothing, sleep-inducing tracks to help you nod off.


L:A Bruket pillow mist

Infused with calming and relaxing mandarin, lavender and cedarwood essential oils, this pillow spray counteracts stress-related insomnia.


Eve Sleep Premium mattress

Eve’s Premium mattress has two layers of open-cell foam for breathability, infused with graphite to actively cool you down.

£899 for king size,

Under Armour recovery shorts

These sweat-wicking shorts will keep you cool, and restore sore legs overnight by reflecting infrared energy and boosting oxygen reaching your muscles.