How to propose with Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Looking for inspiration for the big moment? Here’s how the rich and famous proposed

As you may have already seen, we recently partnered with Bucherer Fine Jewellery for advice on how to choose the perfect engagement ring. In a video made exclusively for The Jackal, jewellery writer Alice Edwards sat down with diamond experts from Bucherer to discover what every smart-thinking man should consider before buying a ring, from price point to carat weight.

Of course, once you’ve decided on the ring, the next step is planning your proposal. But just how are you going to pop the question? We dug down into the Hollywood archive to find inspiration from five famous couples, both old and new.

How to propose

1. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s relationship was scandalous from the very start. The first time Burton proposed (they married twice) was under strained circumstances. They’d fallen in love on the set of Cleopatra, but were already married to other people. Once their divorces were finalised, they set up in the King Edward Hotel in Toronto, where Burton was performing in Hamlet. Their illicit love affair, as well as news they were living together while unmarried, caused an international scandal and people gathered to protest outside the hotel. Burton proposed to Taylor in the hotel’s ballroom, but the pair had to travel to Montreal to be married as Toronto’s local government wouldn’t recognise their Mexican divorces.

How to propose

2. David Bowie and Iman

The singer and the supermodel met at a birthday party in LA in 1990, where they instantly connected. Within a few months, the Starman had proposed – and Iman turned him down. The reason? He had not yet met her family, nor she his. In keeping with tradition, the families were introduced and Bowie proposed again a few months later, this time on his yacht on the Adriatic Sea. Second time around, it was a yes, and the couple were married in Switzerland in 1992.

How to propose

3. Sam Esmail and Emmy Rossum

One day, director Sam Esmail asked his girlfriend, actress Emmy Rossum, to read The New York Times’ Modern Love section to him, as was their tradition. Grumpy and tired, Rossum said she would, but from the bath. It was only when she was halfway through the story of a director and an actress falling in love that she realised it was about them. Esmail then got down on one knee and proposed while she was still in the tub.

How to propose

4. Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe

The intellectual and the showgirl – it was a story straight out of Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller’s nuptials made headlines worldwide, starting with the writer’s proposal. Monroe discovered Miller’s intention to marry her while he was testifying in front of the House Committee of Un-American Activities in 1956 about his pro-Communist leanings. Miller mentioned he was soon to be travelling to England with a woman he hoped would be his wife. This was news to Monroe – and she was less than thrilled that it was broadcast without her permission. They married eight days later, but divorced in 1961.

How to propose

5. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

No matter how rich or famous you are, sometimes a proposal just doesn’t go to plan. Singer John Legend was en route to the Maldives with his then-girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, where he was planning to propose. First they had an argument on the way to the airport – Legend had only bought her a recipe book and a cooking pot for Christmas, and she wasn’t happy about it. The next hurdle was airport security, who almost ruined the surprise by searching Legend’s bag where the ring was stashed. The final hitch came on the beach, when Teigen really wasn’t in the mood for romance. But with the revelation of the ring – hidden in a dish of rocket, strangely – all was forgotten.

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