Style Hack

How to build the ultimate capsule wardrobe

Don’t get hot under the collar buying trend-led pieces and sale items. Keep it simple advises The Jackal’s Style Director Gareth Scourfield

The foundations of any man’s wardrobe needs to be solid and considered if it’s ever going to be as reliable and useful as it’s designed to be. Most men (and I include myself here) want hassle-free, stylish but easy to pull together outfits that work in a multiple of ways without too much thought each morning. Otherwise known as the capsule wardrobe. It should contain limited pieces that work in different but subtle ways. Approached in the right way, it’ll be the best bit of planning you’ve ever done.

You’re aiming for a well-edited wardrobe of classic pieces that don’t hang on the latest trend and that work with upwards of 50 per cent of the rest of your wardrobe. Limit the colour palette on core pieces, say, navy, grey, white and brown. Add in a couple of extra ‘seasonal colours’ depending on your taste, for example, shades of green and burgundy are plentiful this winter. Above all, make sure every item fits properly. To get you started, ticking off the core classics, here are the top 10 pieces I think every man should own now, and into 2019, for enduring style.