How to aeroplane-proof your skin

Jetting off? Whether you're flying for work or play, these are the products you need to ensure your skin stays looking tip-top

Long haul flights can be a drag – not just literally, but also with their ability to play havoc with your skin. One big side effect of flying long haul is that your body’s in-built system for repairing itself while your sleep is disrupted.

Having recently flown a couple of back-to-back trips, each going to opposite sides of the world, my usually perfectly working 24-hour body clock wondered what the hell was going on. You eat at the wrong times; you can’t sleep; you’re sipping complimentary bubbles; your body goes into meltdown.

One way to tackle the effects of this is to arm yourself with a few grooming essentials to carry on with you, thus avoiding the crumpled, dehydrated ‘flight face’ when you arrive. To give you half a chance of feeling pepped up and revived, add these five products to your carry-on, and you’ll arrive as fresh faced as Paul Newman in 1963. 

True North De Stressed Serum 4.1

The advantage of using serums over creams is that they tend to penetrate deeper into the skin, targeting specific skin concerns. This serum from True North does just that, giving the skin an extra layer of intense hydration, which is important when flying. The aloe vera balancing complex is enriched further with vitamin PP to strength the skin barrier and stimulate collagen, another casualty of long haul flying. The entire Truth North range focuses on non-aggressive solutions to major skin complaints, including moisture, dryness, redness and fine lines. Massage into skin using circular motions after sleep and before you disembark.

£49, shop now

Dr Sebagh Instant Fix Eye Lift Gel

This is one of Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh’s most popular treatments, and given its results you can see why. The main active ingredient is the hyaluronic acid, which helps stimulate collagen production and helps protect cellular regeneration, which your skin may be struggling with, given the sleep deprivation and disrupted body clock. It’s a light easily absorbed cream and acts fast once applied, lifting and tightening the delicate area around the eye, which may have become puffy, saggy and dry during the flight. Apply a small amount on the upper and lower lids and smooth out under the eye in an anti-clockwise motion until absorbed.

£48, shop now

Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Water Gel Concentrate

I think we’ve established the most problematic and damaging part of a long haul flight is the dehydrating affect it has on your skin and the fact your natural body clock, which does much of the everyday repairing, is shot to pieces. This water gel formula is a great way to increase your skin’s natural moisture reserves and it will do so for a full 24 hours. The innovative Liquid-Sphere technology combines water-binding ingredients with antioxidants to give your skin that much needed boost of moisture. It absorbs easily, leaving skin soothed, fresh and non-oily. Apply onto hands and massage into your face and neck before hitting the sleep spray (read on) and let your skin drink it up while you sleep.

£36, shop now

Creed Neroli Sauvage

This is the perfect uplifting fragrance for a weary traveller thanks to its crisp citrus top notes. Using some of the perfumer’s best loved and most recognised ingredients, such as bergamot, verbena and earthy sandalwood, it delivers an all-round stylish scent. One of its great strengths is it delivers a fresh and warm fragrance without being over powering. A brilliant balanced pick-me-up fragrance wherever you are travelling and one to keep in your bag at all times. Despite its confident credentials, we’d still recommend you spray discreetly onto yourself away from your fellow passengers.

£155, shop now

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

While applying any of these nifty-grooming products during a long flight will go some way to making you feel and look more human, the best thing you can do to really give your skin a fighting chance is to get some sleep. That’s easier said than done for many, who often resort to sleep-inducing medication to get them off when flying. This fast acting natural remedy by This Works is by far the better way to go. Spray onto your pillow, neck support or even onto a scarf, and the potent formula of lavender, vetivert and camomile releases sleep inducing properties. Clever stuff. What’s more, I can testify it really does work and when you wake, you feel naturally more rested and less groggy than if you’d taken a sleeping pill.

£18, shop now