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Has loyalty made Harry Kane a better footballer?

We sat down with the talismanic striker to find out whether loyalty can make you better at what you do

Harry Kane is at a pivotal moment in his career. The 24-year-old is already a Spurs legend and one of the club’s top 10 all-time goal scorers. Whenever he finds the back of the net, the Spurs faithful sing: ‘Harry Kane, he’s one of our own’. But talk of a £100 million-plus transfer and wages that would make a City trader blush are never far away.

What keeps him at the club? ‘There’s been no reason for me to leave,’ he says when we meet, with four games of the season still to go. ‘It’s been my club for so long. I’ve always said, as long as the club keeps progressing, then I’m happy to stay.’

He’s not the only one. The core of the Spurs squad is made up of players who’ve been there for several seasons – Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Mousa Dembélé… Manager Mauricio Pochettino has just completed his fourth season at the club.

Harry Kane

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Is the stability created by their loyalty to the club making them better? ‘I think so,’ says Kane. ‘We’ve known each other a long time and a lot of us have played together for three or four years now. You get an understanding of how each other plays, what makes other players tick.’

Premier League players aren’t thought of as loyal, but research by Ticketgum published last autumn shows they’re the second most loyal in Europe, behind only Austria, with players sticking at their clubs for an average of 2.41 years. Spurs are fifth in the domestic loyalty table, with players staying 3.06 years on average.

Footballers get a bad rap for chasing the money. While Kane says he doesn’t want ‘to let the fans down’, his view is more sympathetic. ‘At the end of the day, football’s a business,’ he reflects. ‘Some players, if there’s a better opportunity to go somewhere else, they’ll take it. It’s part of life, part of football. If you were a banker and a better bank wanted you or offered you more money… Some people play football for money, some people don’t. I’m someone that is passionate about football whether the money’s there or not.’

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