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Harrods launches its fine watch Re-Editions

As of today, Harrods' fine watch room has been filled with some of the most exclusive timepieces on the planet

Words by
Aleks Cvetkovic

Last month, Harrods announced its fine watch takeover and revealed the first of several timepieces produced in collaboration with 10 of the world’s most esteemed luxury watch brands. Labeled ‘Re-Editions’ the project sees Harrods’ fine watch room filled with immaculately designed exclusives, all rich in heritage and all produced in strictly limited numbers.

It’s a tremendous undertaking, each new model is a re-design of a signature archive piece, hence the ‘Re-Editions’ moniker. Moreover, the principle participants have taken up residence in Harrods’ iconic Brompton Road windows, forming a showcase of some of the world’s most sought-after timepieces, well worth taking-in this month if you find yourself in Knightsbridge.

In our first instalment, we brought you four of our favourites from Harrods’ initial preview of the Re-Editions. Now, they’re all out, so here are another four special pieces that they’ve just revealed. Be warned though, they’ll make you want to remortgage…

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