Finally, we’ve found the secret to being your most handsome self

It involves injecting your skin with tiny 24ct gold needles

Squirrelled away on Harrods’ bustling fourth floor, The Wellness Clinic is a dose of calmness. After a few minutes chilling with a glass of fruit-infused water on a plump armchair in the bright-white waiting room, a man comes to shake my hand. Tall and handsome, with an angular jaw framed by curly brown hair, this is the outpost’s main man, Dr Costas Papageorgiou – and I’m here to try one of his treatments: the Harrods Gold Infusion Facial.

The hour-long appointment starts in a consultation room in front of a 3-D camera (‘It’s the same technology they use to scan celebrities at Madame Tussauds,’ he says proudly). After a flash, a Sims-like version of my face starts to materialise on a computer screen on the other wall: forehead slightly shiny, pores disturbingly visible, thread veins captured in all their glory. Ryan Gosling, this man is not.

We move to one of the treatment rooms: an oval space with white walls, white machinery on wheels, a white treatment bed and soothing New Age music. As I lie there, I am shown the accoutrement that will be used for my treatment: a glass vial about four centimetres long filled with opaque white liquid, topped with a collection of tiny pins, each of which is coated in 24ct gold (a metal used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties). When pressed onto my face, these plunge to a depth of 600 microns, injecting the liquid under my skin; a concoction of ingredients designed to stimulate cellular renewal in the dermis, which is said to improve fine lines, reduce enlarged pores and give me that ‘just hit the red carpet’ vibe.

As the technician presses the device into my face over and over again, it’s a little uncomfortable, but by no means unbearable. I get up expecting to look like beef carpaccio, but there’s no sign that anything untoward has happened to my face at all – except it’s glowing, it’s smooth, it’s toned. It’s as close to looking like Gosling that I’m ever going to get, and that’s worth its weight in gold.

NYDG Gold Infusion Facial, £600 at The Wellness Clinic in Harrods,