Hamilton’s new watch has more to it than meets the eye

The new Khaki Field Murph is the most famous watch you've seen, but never knew

If you are not so familiar with the American watch brand Hamilton, chances are you’ve clocked one of its models in one of the 500 movies it’s been featured in. It was Hamilton’s Ventura model that Elvis Presley wore in his 1961 film Blue Hawaii that rubber-stamped its continuing close ties with filmmaking. Hamilton’s latest edition, Khaki Field Murph, is probably its most recognisable yet.

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

With its sizeable 42mm black dial, the stainless steel case is an exact reproduction of the watch that made a significant appearance in the 2014 Sci-Fi film Interstellar. ‘The Murph’, as it became affectionately know to Hamilton fans, wasn’t just a flick of the wrist and you missed it movie moment, the watch was an integral part to the film’s storyline. For those who might not be Interstellar fans, a quick synopsis to put this watch in context, is the love story between father and daughter.

The father (Cooper) a former NASA pilot joins a mission to save humanity and leaves his daughter (Murph) his watch. From inside the ‘Tesseract’ (a multi coloured striped cube) at the fifth dimension Cooper sends a message using Morse code through the second’s hand of Murph’s watch. It’s this quantum data that will help humanity escape the dying earth. When Murph uncovers the formula she shouts, ‘Eureka’. For die-hard Hamilton and Interstellar fans who have long championed a reissue of this particular watch, with its beige Super-LumiNova inlaid hands, H-10 automatic Swiss movement with 80 hour power reserve, its as identical to the films original as you could hope for. Except for one small but significant detail. The word ‘Eureka’ is printed in lacquer in Morse code on the second hand. You wouldn’t know this (apart from the fact we’re telling you), as it’s barely visible to the naked eye.

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

The model itself is not limited in numbers, Hamilton have however issued a very special presentation box, designed by Interstellar Production designer, Nathan Crowley. Based on the inside of the super cube, where Cooper discovers he can communicate with Murph through time and space, the multi-coloured stripe boxed is limited to 2,555. A significant number within the film, where one hour on planet Miller is equal to seven years on earth, so by doing the math, 365 days is equivalent to 2,555 days there. And, despite its film star credentials, the Hamilton Murph delivers on many levels, not least its competitive price.

Limited edition and non-limited edition, both £835.