Full metal bracelet: watches for the warmer months

Don’t sweat the leather strap – summer is a time for showing your metal

As far as daily wear watches are concerned, there aren’t many rules. Match your leathers where you can, yes, and in general, try not to show off. But at this time of year, when the natural male response to the warmer weather is to moisten somewhat, there is one rule – bin the leather straps and go full metal bracelet.

This, it must be said, isn’t strictly a style rule. It’s a practical one. Sweat is a leather strap killer. The salt and other chemicals in your sweat get into leather, stain it and dry it out, so that eventually it cracks and disintegrates. Not a good look. Or smell. Sweat will also make your leather strap stink.

Not that a bracelet is a recipe for perfect wrist hygiene. Metal links can get clogged up with dirt, dead skin and whatever you choose to spill on them, and so you’re best to keep them clean. Nothing fancy in this, just use some warm soapy water and a soft brush, and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Here are 10 bracelet watches to keep you armed and stylish this summer.