Five interior design hacks to transform your home

These quick fixes will ensure your space looks as good as your wardrobe

These days, your home has to be as well-considered as your wardrobe and grooming routine. Bleak bachelor pads or delegating the design decisions on your other half just won’t cut the mustard anymore – as a smart-thinking man you’ve got to show that your good taste extends to your surroundings, too.

But that doesn’t mean spending thousands on completely redecorating, or hiring an expensive interior designer to do the work for you. With these few simple interior design hacks, you can get your home looking as top notch as the rest of your life.

Interior design hacks

1. Buy a drill

Knowing your art – and even owning a few of the more affordable pieces – has become de rigueur for stylish guys in recent years. But there’s no need to empty your savings account on one stand-out piece. There’s a plethora of cheap prints available online nowadays, and with a good frame and a drill, you can transform your walls into an haven of good taste in no time. Also, more is more, so why not create a gallery wall of your favourite artworks, prints and family photos? It’s an easy way to make a design statement, without breaking the bank.

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interior design hacks

2. Think art… but for your floor

Another easy way to update your living space is with a statement rug. Whether you want something to upgrade your parquet floor, or cover a dismal rental carpet, opting for a large, eye-catching rug is a smart move for the design-conscious man. This rug, created by renowned Belgian designer Louis De Poortere, was woven on jacquard looms for a luscious, textured finish. Its black and copper abrash effect is both contemporary and timeless, and will add instant design nous to your space.

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Interior design hacks

3. Make one big investment

If you’re going to spend on anything in your home, make it your sofa. The focal point of your living area, it’s one of the places you’re going to spend most your time, and is also an instantaneous way to enliven your space. As you’re going to be spending money on it, why not go all out and opt for sumptuous velvet for an extra dose of luxury? This traditional handmade Chesterfield design from Darlings of Chelsea can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and finishes, but we particularly like this ‘Canterbury Azure’ hue of velvet as a statement choice for your home.

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Interior design hacks

4. Pay attention to the details

Like we said, you don’t have to make huge changes to add extra style credo to your living space. Choosing a few contemporary design-led furnishings is a small switch that will make a big difference overall. Take this magazine rack from Madam Stoltz, for instance. Its graphic, minimalist design is uber-modern, but also won’t detract from any vintage pieces you’ve collected, too. Fill it with some cool magazines – may we suggest taking out a subscription to this very one? – et voilà. Instant style points.

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Interior design hacks

5. Good lighting makes a big difference

There’s nothing worse than blinding fluorescent lights to kill a mood, and ruin whatever interior design vibe you were trying to achieve. Good lighting is more than desirable – it’s essential if you want a stylish home. Luckily, choosing cool low lighting is a relatively easy way to transform your space. This touch lamp by Hoxton Lights is a cool choice, and comes in a choice of oak or walnut with an of-the-moment solid brass base. Go for a bulb with an exposed filament and you might as well be decorating your loft flat in Berlin.

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