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Fire and Fury: why everyone’s talking about Michael Wolff’s explosive Trump book

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Could this book be the nail in Trump’s coffin? Here’s five reasons why it might be

Well, it’s all kicking-off isn’t it? Yesterday’s threat to sue from President Trump evidently hasn’t gone to plan. In an act of defiance, Michael Wolff’s American publisher has announced that his new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House will be available from tomorrow, five days earlier than planned, seemingly to prevent Trump’s legal machine from blocking its release.

For those who’ve yet to catch-up on the unfolding saga, Wolff is a former columnist for New York magazine and spent last year inside the White House, observing the inner workings of the Trump administration. Judging by his new book’s contents, he wasn’t encouraged by what he saw.

So, just what whistles is this book promising to blow? Here are some of its most controversial reveals:

1. Trump entertained a ‘treasonous’ meeting with a group of Russian diplomats

According to the book, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon thought a meeting with a number of Russian officials last June (during which Trump was allegedly offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton) was ‘treasonous’ and ‘unpatriotic’.

2. Trump was privately ‘horrified’ by his electoral victory

Wolff’s book implies that Trump was less prepared for his presidency than his bombastic public appearance suggested at the time, citing him as ‘befuddled’, ‘disbelieving’ and ‘horrified’ as the reality of his situation hit home.

3. The White House is (still) in disarray

Allegedly, the White House’s senior staff have been lacking in direction for much of Trump’s presidency. Wolff writes that senior White House figures, including Katie Walsh, the White House’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Implementation and Trump’s Senior Advisor, Jared Kushner, were unable to ascertain the President’s top three priorities for the first six weeks of his administration, a state of confusion that persists today.

4. Ivanka Trump has eyes on the Presidency

Wolff also writes that the President struck a deal with his daughter and her husband (his aforementioned senior advisor, Kushner), stating that she might run for president in the future, developing a Trump presidential dynasty.

5. Ivanka isn’t a fan of her father’s hair do, either

Ivanka reportedly treats her father with ‘detachment’, and enjoys undermining him publicly – explaining his elaborate daily grooming regime to friends, including how he constructs his blond dyed ‘comb over’.

Fire and Fury, Jackal magazine

The cover of Fire and Fury, available from 9 January

There’s plenty more, but that gives a flavour of what to expect. Of course, it’s important to add that much of the book’s content is based on Wolff’s personal recollections and observations, rather than recordings of meetings or ‘fact’. Indeed, the White House has condemned it as full of ‘false and misleading accounts’ and Trump has tweeted denying the book’s legitimacy with his usual candour.

Really it’s on you, the reader, to decide where the facts end and the fiction begins. But, they do say fact is stranger than fiction, don’t they?

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is available from tomorrow, 9 January 2018. £20 in hardback, published by Little Brown books,