Time to lighten up below the ankle

When it comes to early summer dressing, textured fabrics and minimal linings shouldn’t just be features for your warm weather suit – look out for them in your shoes, too

As temperatures start to rise, it’s time to ditch your stiff winter suits and sleet-beating brogues for something more relaxed and more breathable. Of course, your thoughts may go straight to tailoring in breezier, more tactile fabrics, but you should be looking for these qualities in your warm weather footwear, too.

It’s certainly something the expert craftsmen at historic Northampton shoemaker Edward Green take into consideration. The design team has released a summery riff on its classic loafer – a silhouette once sported by the brand’s former patron, Edward, Duke of Windsor.

Available in two styles – the tasseled Portland and the tassel-free Polperro – both are cut from the finest, featherlight calf suede and finished with a nubuck trim. They’re also unlined and have flexible leather soles, meaning your feet will stay cool and comfortable sprinting to your next meeting in the midday sun.

The soft construction of these loafers is in no way a concession to quality – the fact these shoes are so fit for purpose in the heat yet still so smart speaks of the attention

Off the clock, they pair with raw denim jeans and a low-buttoned shirt or even tailored shorts. Plus, they’ll pack easily
in your hand luggage for a sun-drenched weekend away should our British summer here turn out to be typically, well, British.

£475, available now at