Smart Dressing

Connolly England, back in the driving seat

Connolly England once supplied the leather for Rolls Royce and Ferrari, amongst others. After a brief hiatus, the house is now pushing the pace setters of luxury British fashion

When Connolly’s London store closed nearly seven years ago, for many style-conscious men it was the end of an era. Opened in 1995, just off Belgrave Square, Connolly was chic and cosmopolitan in a way the London of the time really wasn’t. News that it would return to Mayfair’s Clifford Street last autumn was welcomed, if apprehensively.

But despite the break, Connolly – long-time leather supplier to Ferrari and Rolls Royce – has lost none of its ability to cast a spell. Its new collection, designed by Marc Audibet, is full of timeless British classics that benefit from a subtle injection of continental flair, and has had an immediate impact on British luxury fashion. From the very softest of suede driving jackets to refined double-breasted suits and butter-soft camel rollneck sweaters, everything is perfectly considered, understated and exquisitely made. Audibet’s designs are also androgynous: flattering to both men and women, with attention paid to silhouettes, cuts and colours that compliment either sex. It’s a bold statement of intent and takes British heritage clothing into a more forward-thinking space.

For those in search of a cosmopolitan, luxurious and investment-worthy approach to British fashion, the house is a must-visit. More importantly, for those who remember the company of old, it’s like Connolly’s never been away.