Casa Bombinate is about to change how you shop for furniture

Bring higher levels of craftsmanship into your home without an allen key in sight

When it comes to furnishing your pad, flatpack is usually the most convenient option – but after working your way through 60 pages of mind-bending diagrams (an inevitably losing at least one screw or punching through a flimsy panel board), you can’t help but think it’s been a lot of effort just to end up with the same bedside table as everyone else you know. If you want something a bit different, then your option tends to still be either a department store or design boutique hidden on a side street somewhere in Soho – and even when you do find that perfect piece, they might not even have it in stock anyway. Quite frankly, when all you might have is your lunch hour to furniture hunt, who has the time for all that?

Now, stylish menswear e-tailer Bombinate has expanded its remit from clothing to homeware, giving you the convenience of shopping for a cool new sofa from the one you’re about to send to the recycling centre.

Bombinate founders Massimiliano Gritti and Elliott Aeschlimann

This new selection sits under a new section of the website called, rather appropriately, Casa Bombinate, curated by the company’s founders Massimiliano Gritti and Elliott Aeschlimann. And much like the menswear, the homeware is presented in an equally personal approach: each brand has its own profile with a personal recommendation from one of the founders, a short history of the company and the process that they go through when creating its items. 

1.02 white circular coffee table from Ayle, £1003

On site you’ll find a wide range of items on offer, from full-on furniture (we love the marble-topped coffee tables from Porto-based company Ayle) to objects to make your home that little bit more stylish in whatever capacity (check out the graphic throws by Slowdown Studio and the artist-inspired skateboards by The Skateroom). And, for those looking for something more standout, we’d recommend the gravity-defying floating lamps from Paris-based brand Paer which are just the right side of bonkers.

There’s plenty more on site, so kick back and add to basket safe in the knowledge that you’ll soon be able to enjoy it in your house without the need for hours of Allen key action first.

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