Take a dip into Bond history

London beach and swimwear specialists Orlebar Brown have scored a deal with EON to recreate classic Bond posters in a series of resort-ready swim shorts

Few things conjure up a more palpable sense of cool than the all-time great 007 movies. Whether Roger Moore in a double-breasted dinner suit and frilly shirt in The Spy Who Loved Me or Sean Connery in swim shorts with revolver in-hand in Thunderball, the James Bonds of the ‘60s and ‘70s just had something going on.

This summer, Orlebar Brown – the contemporary champion of ‘resort chic’ menswear – has partnered with EON Productions to create four limited edition pairs of its signature Bulldog swim shorts, printed with iconic illustrated movie posters from the James Bond franchise.

The four cover Dr. No, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and Live and Let Die, classic films from the golden era of Bond. Fans of the franchise will recognise that the original 1963 cinema lobby poster for Dr. No. featured Connery in an orange polo, rather than the sky blue he wears in the film. It was hand-tinted for the poster’s release because the blue wasn’t considered eye- catching enough. Thunderball’s underwater scenes were captured by underwater filmmaking specialists Ivan Tors Films, who were commissioned to create 18 underwater sequences containing 83 separate scenes. The special effects team used rocket fuel to blow up Largo’s boat in the final scene – the explosion was said to have blown out windows in houses in Nassau, 30 miles away.

We can’t promise you’ll turn into 007 in these, but they will certainly look swish when worn poolside.