Smart Dressing

It’s snowing. Time to get your coat on

Don’t let the freak weather win. Embrace your chance to wear a serious winter coat

Hands up, who woke up this morning, looked out of the window, skipped a heartbeat and thought: ‘PANIC STATIONS!’?

What is it about us Brits, anyway? The second even a light dusting of snow floats down from fluffy white clouds, we collectively experience impulsive feelings of panic and everything shuts down.

Still, this freakish bout of freezing weather is the perfect excuse to break out your big, bad winter coat one last time. If you’re into your coats then you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like the feel-good factor that comes from pulling on a serious overcoat in the morning. It’s almost like strapping into a suit of armour; heave it about your shoulders, button-up, pop the collar, pull on some gloves and face the day.

We’ve tracked down six hardcore winter coats that are still up for grabs, despite the onslaught of new season spring arrivals. If you’re looking to make a naughty but nice purchase this week, it should be one of these.

1. Connolly oversized checked overcoatConnolly checked winter coat

Connolly’s signature double-breasted overcoat is everything you’d hope a coat to be. Its generous, oversized silhouette is chic, and its tonal checked cloth makes for a sharp alternative to a plain colour. It falls to well below knee, and its collar is perfect for popping. Thanks to its soft, slightly-oversized shoulders, this piece will layer comfortably over everything from a suit to a chunky knit while the weather’s grim.

Available in-store,

2. Buzz Rickson Coast Guard Coat

A nautical take on a jeep coat inspired by archival American Coast Guard coats, this Buzz Rickson jacket is reassuringly solid. An independent Japanese brand, stocked in London at Fitzrovia’s Clutch Café, Rickson specialises in mid-century American workwear and military surplus-inspired designs. This coat features a dense ‘Bedford cord’ woollen canvas outer, quilted cupro lining, leather-bound pockets and a mouton collar. It’s practically bullet-proof.


3. Dunhill melton greatcoatDunhill greatcoat

This contemporary take on a military greatcoat from Dunhill can’t help but impress. It’s cut with a slim silhouette and long-line through the body, both of which flatter the wearer. Its sizeable stand-and-fall collar is suitably dramatic, and in a heavy khaki wool melton cloth (traditionally called ‘British warm’) it’s the epitome of modern English style. An investment piece that’ll stand you in fine stead for many winters to come.


4. The Workers Club reversible quilted shell jacketThe Workers Club Shell Jacket

My main reservation with puffer jackets is that while they’re practical, they are seldom stylish. This design from independent British brand, The Workers Club, bucks the trend. It features a trim, boxy cut and a brown and blue reversible chevron-quitted body. Both sides are trimmed with contrasting front pockets and the navy ribbed collar nods to a  classic bomber jacket. If this doesn’t keep you toasty, nothing will.


5. Oliver Spencer ‘Beaumont’ houndstooth coat

This houndstooth topcoat from Oliver Spencer is a steal. It’s cut from an un-dyed natural houndstooth woollen cloth that’s been sustainably and ethically produced – as per Mr Spencer’s new edict. The single-breasted style with side-welt pockets helps preserve a clean line through the waist, and its button front is neat and simple. A great smart-casual coat, this looks sharp buttoned up over a fine merino rollneck. Alternatively, fasten the top button, pop the collar and wrap a cosy cable-knit scarf around your neck, for a casual look that .