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The world’s best watches under £1,500 – part one

You can’t buy a good mechanical watch without cashing in your life savings, right? Wrong

People seeking watch-buying advice usually start with an open question – ‘I’m thinking of buying a watch. What should I get?’ Mostly, they want a watch with some heft behind the dial name – a Rolex, an Omega, a Cartier, that kind of thing. But the reality is that most guys can’t – or don’t want to – afford one. In the gig economy, not everyone is of a mind to sink upwards of £3,000 into a wristwatch, after all.

But the question still stands, as does the ambition to own a proper watch, one that carries Swiss Made on the dial, offers mechanical integrity, and serves up some brand power that identifies its owner as a man of taste and means.

And there’s the conundrum. Can you buy a watch that fulfils that brief yet costs less than £1,500? Well, you can’t get a new piece from Rolex and friends. But if you cast the net, you can find some great products and great stories. Here’s the first of a two-parter; The Jackal’s Guide to the World’s Best Watches Under £1,500. Five today, five more to come.