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The best new watches under £5,000

It’s a question we get asked all the time – if you want a luxury watch on a real-world budget, what do you buy? Baselworld 2017 threw up some pearlers

Words by
Robin Swithinbank

There are plenty of folk out there who struggle with the idea of a luxury watch. The argument is typically that there can be no point in spending thousands of pounds on a device that performs a function done just as well, if not better, by a phone or a slab of black battery-powered plastic on sale for a tenner at Argos. Which is true – assuming you have no appreciation of craft, aesthetics, heritage or quality, and you prefer your accessories banged out in a Bangkok sweatshop than a state-of-the-art Swiss manufacture. TK Maxx has you covered, by the way.

But even then, there are those who do have time for a luxury watch, yet still struggle with the notion of watches that cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. Either because they can’t afford them, or because they simply can’t rationalise buying a watch that costs more than a car, a new wardrobe and a year’s worth of school fees combined. Fair enough.

Baselworld is always good to the ‘affordable’ luxury watch buyer. Watches that start from a few hundred quid and navigate north to around £5,000. For that kind of money, you can still get a properly designed, hand-assembled, Swiss Made watch from one of the great dial names – and even a watch with the kudos of an ‘in-house’ movement, one designed, produced and assembled by the company taking your money. Pick any one of these, and you’ll have spent wisely.